Need help identifying a random cartridge

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    So I posted up a bit ago that I had acquired a 1917 Lebel. I had a bag of old arse ammo for it (with the ring around the base, so its old surplus stuff) and this random cartridge was in there.

    In the pic its next to an 8mm Lebel Cartridge, sorry thats not really something that one would normally compare to, haha, but that is clearly NOT a 8mm lebel round on the left. Looks very similar but as you can see the shoulder is a bit higher up. The shoulder is also more rounded and less chamfered than the lebel round on the right. Also the neck is longer, and the projectile is nothing like it.

    The only markings on the mystery case are on the bottom of it, and it says "1912"

    the base of the cartridges are the same diameter, and the projectile appears to be about an 8mm, they look pretty dern close in bullet diameter. However, the odd cartridge does not have the same "ring" on the base as does the 8mm ammo (to keep the pointed projectile from touching off the round in front of it in the tube magazine)



    any ideas? I'm just curious is all. I've seen a FEW pics of 8mm lebel ammo that looks kinda like this, but it seems odd that the neck would be that much longer, the shoulder would be higher, and it would be rounded not flat.
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    8x56R Kropatschek ? Can't read the marking on the case head, but if it looks like the one on the left-


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    Yup that would be it on the left. It's got the A E symbol on it and then it says 1912

    Random that an old portugese round would be in there haha.
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    That symbol kind of reminds me of a college football team logo...