Need help finding pistol class needed for CCW

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  1. Crispy129

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    Hello, everyone. My Alabama CCW license will be expiring soon. I am now a Florida resident and want to get a Florida CCW because it is way better (more reciprocity and it takes longer to expire). I sent for an application in the mail, and it says that I need some sort of a pistol safety/CCW class. The description for what class I need is pretty vague, so can someone tell me exactly what class I should be looking for and maybe some good examples of some? Also, is there a website or something where I can find the places that teach these classes?
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    When i took my first NRA Basic Pistol course, it was also a "Utah" CCW concealed carry course. For an extra ten bucks we got the "how to" about getting a Utah license (31 state reciprocity) along with the basic course.
    If you go the NRA's site, they'll list the courses in your area.

  3. canebrake

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    Most every gun show and gun shop in FL provides a CCW class.
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    In AZ for a concealed carry permit you had to go through an 8 hour training session take a written test and pass, then demonstrate your ability to safely handle a weapon and shoot 10 rounds at a target the size of center body mass from ~25'.

    The lesson plans on on the state web site as I would imagine FL has posted theirs also. do some surfing anf I'm sure you will find out what the requirements will be.
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    First, are you a veteran? If so, a copy of your DD-214 will suffice.

    I don't know if they've changed, but the packet I used had a pretty specific listing of acceptable courses. I believe it also includes a (free) NRA hunter safety course.

    As was stated earlier, virtually every gun shop and gun show in the state conducts CCW classes.

    Tell us what part of Florida you're in, and one of us might be able to direct you to a specific class.