Need help finding out what my gun is ????

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by coonhunter07, Dec 29, 2010.

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    I have a 12ga, shotgun that has no Name on it it has the serialnumber but no name. It has the word (London Fine Twist) on the barrrel and that is all it is in good shape it was shot right before I bault it. I have no use for it and I would love to sell it but I don't want to rip someone off and I don't want to get ripped off It has a 32 inch barrel and it is Heavy. I was told the stop putting Hammers on them in 1887 and the fireing pin goes cross ways it looks like a mussel loader but
    it is Help me please Boyce
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    Pictures would help alot if you can manage em

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    Welcome to the FTF. We have different sections here.
    Introductions (where you say "Hi" and tell us about yourself), and
    Shotguns or Relics where you may get more responses to your question.
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    True Dat!

    Im no expert on "scatterguns", but the line "London fine twist" was a subject
    in a recent nra magazine or american hunter magazine. Try your search there.
    If all else fails, enter what info you have into a search engine & you might find
    what you seek!
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    Many shotguns with London Fine Twist were made in Belgium. It may be a damascus barrel. I wouldn't shoot it any more until you find out more about it.
    Damascus twist barrels were not recommended to fire smokeless powder. If you do a Bing search there are many pictures. You might be able to identify it from the photos. If you remove the forearm and take it down it might reveal proof marks.