Need help finding a holo or red dot or this scope

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    Need help finding a holo or red dot for this scope

    Trying to find as holo or red dot to go on the pictured scope. I have two questions
    1-If I place it that far above the bore will I ever be able to zero it?
    2-Not looking to spend alot on one is there any available.

    Problem I also have is that the adjusting knobs prevent me from slipping on the mount, so it would have to be able to remove the one side and then replace the side portion(hope I am making sense decribing that) to mount. The sight would have to be at least 1" total height to clear the rear adjusting knob.
    Hope this doesn't sound to off the wall.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. jpattersonnh

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    So you are looking to mount a scope, on a scope? Are you sure your not looking for a laser?

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    +1.. Just my opinion but adding a holosight or red dot to that scope would just not look right or be approprietly functional. More suited to a laser than another scope..