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    Nikon 4.5-14X40 1inch tube duplex, or a Weaver 4.4-16X50 extreme illuminated duplex reticle with 30mm tube. Both have side focus adjust objective. Nikon is $290 shipped and the Weaver is $351 shipped. I also already have 30mm rings on the rifle. I know nothing about the Weaver if it's good or bad. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Due to the larger size, the Weaver 4.4-16X50 allows for more light and a wider field of view. For the difference in price the Nikon 4.5-14X40 is the better buy. I shoot Sun Optics 3-9X40 out to 100 yards and have no problems seeing the target. You will need new rings.

  3. Txhillbilly

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    The Weaver Classic Extreme will blow the doors off the Nikon in any catagory you want to compare them too.
    The glass is better,the lense coatings are better,it has great eye relief,and is a very well built scope.

    I used to have a few Nikon Monarch scopes,but the coatings on the lenses are so dark,that you will loose around 1hr of hunting time because you can't see out of the scopes in low light.

    I purchased a Weaver Super Slam when I finished my 458 SOCOM,and was amazed by the quality of it.The Super Slam replaced the Classic Extreme.I recently purchased 2 6-24x50 Classic Extreme's and mounted them on my Savage 12 223,and my RRA Varmint AR15,and couldn't be happier with them.
    You won't find a better scope for the price,and they originally retailed in the $700 range,so they are at a 1/2 off price from what they used to sell for.



    I had a Sightron SII scope on the Savage,which is a damn good scope,but the Weaver Classic Extreme beats it,hands down.
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    +1 nikons coatings suck in low light, an they pick up to much trash light in sunrise. The weaver is hands down better. Also the vortex line is a very high quality line of optics.
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    As for more light from a 30mm tube that is sort of a misnomer. It depends on what the guts are. Many lower end (Sub $700) 30mm scopes use 1" guts so they get more adjustment. So a 30mm scope with 1" guts only allows as much light as a 1" tubed scope. But you get more Elevation and windage adjustments out of the deal.

    Me I would go with the weaver.
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    txhillbilly, i especially signed up to this forum to ask you some questions about ur weaver scope, i am from australia and wanted some advice?

    how would u rate the scope now that it has had abit more use?

    is the illuminated reticle overpowering at night or is it useful?

    also could you please tell me where the scope is made? i was doing some research and apparently the weaver classic extremes sold at natchezz arent the old japanese discontinued model but actually new ones made in the phillipines and it is just a trick

    could you please look at ur scope/in the box etc and tell me. i would hugely appreciate it