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    Need help choosing AK

    Hi everyone. I'm new to AK's and have been reading as much as possible. I'm looking for an underfolder. I've found a couple. I really can't find any info on which might be better. Below are the two that i think are my best options. The differences, as far as I can tell, is one comes with the original Polish chrome barrel, not sure if that is a good or bad thing, and the other one comes with a US made chrome barrel but also has a nickel plated bolt. Would love to get some opinions on which would be a better choice and why. They are both the same price and I'm sure of similar quality, just looking for pros and cons.
    Thanks in advance for all the help and I'll be sure to post pics and a review for whichever one I choose.

    Original matching Polish parts kits used in construction
    Beautiful heavy duty black finish same as used on DPMS AR15 rifles
    Nickel plated Bolt & carrier
    Chrome lined barrel
    Threaded barrel with removable slant brake
    Military Surplus furniture rated good to very good for original look.

    AK47 Polish Folder with Original Chrome Lined Barrel , 762 x 39 semi auto these are built with original imported Polish parts kits with original chrome lined Polish barrels.They have No Dak Spud US receivers with parkerized finish made by AA Arms. They have removable slant brakes with bayonet lug comes with 1 mag and rifle hard case . Backed up by a 1 year warranty we have limited number of these rifles due scarce original Polish AK barreled kits and once sold out there will be no more.
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    I would get the one with the original chrome barrel.;)
    The US chrome barrels are good but they don't have the long history of making there barrels stand up to corrosive ammo & full auto fire.
    The other one just has a plated bolt & carrier that won't help a bit when the chrome starts pealing from the inside of the barrel.
    I see this is your first post so I would like to say;
    Welcome to the forum! :cool:
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