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  1. Hayzer912

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    Hello everyone! I need a bit of advice. I received a 10 gauge NEF Turkey gun that has been stored in a finished basement with no moisture control for a LONG time and the gun has paid the price. There is some light barrel surface rust that doesn't appear to have damaged the finish and then there is THIS damage at the muzzle end. Inside of the barrel looks good. Is this damage repairable and if it is, is it even worth the cost as the value of this gun cant be too high? Like I said this is a single shot 10 gauge NEF Turkey Gun Model SB2 Mag. No sentimental value to me. Any opinions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
  2. danf_fl

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    Consider that the current value (without actually seeing any pictures) could be about $100 as is.

    Repairs could easily go over $200.

    So you have a gun that is worth maybe $150 that you put $200 into.

    If it was a car, it would be considered "totaled".

  3. BillDeShivs

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    You could just cut it off, but it would remove the choke.
    A sleeve could be soft soldered over the end of the barrel.
    Or, you could leave it alone.
  4. primer1

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    You could get it duracoated, or do it yourself for the cost of materials. A camouflage pattern would hide some of it.
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  5. c3shooter

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    Yeah, what they said ^^^ up there.

    Rust takes away metal. It is MUCH easier to remove metal than to put metal back.

    Shortening the barrel will remove the choke. You could have the gun fitted with a choke tube, which will cost as much as the gun is worth.

    For a more valuable gun, there might be some "heroic" measures to be taken.

    For that one, I would suggest getting as much rust off as possible (one of the few cases I would consider using a wire wheel on a gun) and then camo paint it with assorted flavors of Krylon flat paints.

    Will it be durable? No. But when hunting season is over, blow $5 for another can of Krylon. There are other finishes that will last longer. They are more expensive, and will not make that gun kill a turkey at any greater range.
  6. hiwall

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    Or just clean the rust off and put some cold blue on the then shiny area. The pits will remain but won't effect shooting it.
  7. therewolf

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    Vinegar will help remove the rust.
  8. trilene

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    If you want to restore it for personal reasons I would use Cerakote spray bluing,
    Bead blast the gun with the appropriate media, fill hole and pits with solder,
    sand and polish then spray with Cerakote. Same Technic using solder is used for restoring antique auto parts and some are even re-chromed.