Need guide rod laser insights...

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by vincent, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. vincent

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    I'm having trouble finding real world info on guide rod laser sights, does anyone use one and if so, a) is it reliable and easy to zero in? b) is it easy to install or do I need to have it done professionally? c) can I use it full time while I practice or should I switch it out and only use it for carry? d) which is best, green dot or red? I've been to the Crimson Trace site but I have a hard time believing they will be honest about the drawbacks of their product while they are trying to sell merchandise. I use a Glock 21 with the flashlight on the rail for home defense and it's perfect since it's not my primary carry weapon. I'm wanting to install the guide rod laser on my Walther pps .40 cal which is my primary carry, but I don't like the bulk of attaching anything to the utility rail which brings me to the guide rod questions. Any and all opinions and answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    The info I have picked up from others is that Crimson Trace laser grips are better than guide rod lasers. I've never tried either one.

  3. Glasshartt

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    One of my officers has the guide rod laser in his Glock 22 and, as far as I know, has had zero problems wih it.