Need data for mil-spec 5.56 handload

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    I want to try to make a 5.56 load that is as close as possible to what the US military and NATO troops use. I would rather load the 62 gr. FMJ-BT But I can settle for 55 gr. Now from what I've read the majority of people say to use H335 powder, CCI primer ( I can't remember if its CCI 400 or 41 that could be wrong.) and any brass with the NATO head stamp. Can anyone tell me if the have a mil-spec 5.56 load for 62 gr. and 55 gr FMJ-BT.
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    Work up toward max with the 62 gr and H-335. You should be able to get really close. Understand accuracy will not be great at max loadings, just as with M-855 ammo

  3. locutus

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    You will need a MilSpec primer such as the Remington 7 1/2. H335 powder and Rem, Fed, or W-W FMJ-BT bullets.
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    Exact load you will not get they use different powder than we can buy. H-335 is too fast a powder to get you to Mil-Spec speed, you will need to use a slower powder like H-4895 to get the pressures you want.

    My standard load for 62 grain FMJ steel core is 25.1 grains of H-4895 at OAL of 2.250 inch with a Win SRP. And be sure to crimp those rounds.

    As the man said start lower and work your way up.