Need assembling help my Ruger Mark III Hunter

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    I have a question regarding Mark III Hunter, racking. my son cleaned his Mark III Hunter and after reassembling, bolt will not rack, what happens, inserting the magazine, when I racked it, bolt lockes open, did not return, I had to release the bolt with bolt release, only then did it fire, upon racking again, it locks each time.

    Upon assemblying, what could my son have done to cause this?

    Thanks, I hope I explained the situation.
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    It sounds like maybe the hammer was in the wrong position when the bolt went back in.

    Unclip and remove the mainspring and bolt stop pin, and pull the bolt back out. Then make sure the gun is unloaded insert an empty magazine. Point the muzzle upwards, and pull the trigger. Maybe jiggle the gun a bit to make sure the hammer falls all the way back. Then remove the magazine and put the bolt and mainspring back in according to the manual.