Need advise on factory 44 mag ammo for black bear

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by jtm1212, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. jtm1212

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    Hi everyone,
    I am new to the forum and am looking for some advise on factory 44 mag ammo for black bear defense. I have a Marlin 1894 SS 44 mag and a Taurus model 44 SS 4" barrel. I am looking to use the same ammo for both for. I have been looking at the Federal Cast core 300gr, Speer Gold Dot 270 gr DCSP, Hornady 240 and 300 gr XTP, Buffalo Bore 270 Gr JFN and Double tap 300 gr Nosler. :confused: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. JonM

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    No hollow points soft point only for animal dispatching. Hp rounds wont penetrate far enough with enough energy ti do a bear in.

    Any softpoint load 240grn+ for hunting will do.

    Ideal for rifle would be 300grn softpoint might not work well in a small revolver.

  3. mrm14

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    300 gr. CastCore.
  4. rjd3282

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    I believe for bear I'd be using the heaviest fastest solid you can find.
  5. 500mag_guy

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    i know that the topic on hand isnt for a 500 mag but i have a question on hollow point bullets in the 500. a hornady xtp 350 gr. is what i shoot through it. Do you guys think i could possibly have the same problem as the 44 with not having enough power to penetrate a bears hide and kill it? A friend of mine shot a 5x6 bull elk at just under 250 yards away with his 500 mag loaded with my recipe for this bullet. He hit him right though the lungs and the bull dropped like i ton of SH!T. The entrance hole was the size of a pop can and the exit was big enough to stick your head inside and look around.
  6. AusLach

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    Probably. I frontal shot on a charging bear will have to punch through the skull or spinal column to reach vitals. The shot on the elk might have had to penetrate the ribs, but even so, that bone is of a different composition to the skull; much softer.

    In big/dangerous game situations, any increase in penetration is an increase in reliability and safety.
  7. keymastr5912

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    this is my vote
  8. spittinfire

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    Mind buying off the internet? Check our Buffalo Bore's hard cast loads. I'd got 270gr and heavier. It's a good hot load with a good bullet for penetration.
  9. m72law

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    buffalo bore is the best ammo for 44mag

    but you might have a problem if you plan on using anything over 270 grs. from that 1894 marlin,as your barrel has a slow rate of twist.(bullets want stabilize very well)keep your bullet weights under 270gr..also your 44 taurus might not chamber the buffalo bore ammo has thier OAL is longer than most 44 ammo

    i dont do much hunting anymore,but if i was going hunting for black bear & had my heart set on using a 44mag rifle/handgun combo...i'd grab my winchester & ruger redhawk using BB 340gr. L.F.N. +P+ :)
  10. powg

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    .44 mag

    I have heard great things about the hornady leverevelution in .44 mag well on bad *** boars would suffice on black bear. the flex tip technology works for the tube magazines in the lever action ...should get good penetration before it expands ,and deliver the full amount of shock to the vitals. Black bears arent any tougher than a wild hog .
  11. W. C. Quantrill

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    Black bear in the US are not big animals for the most part. Most of them are not much bigger than a hog of the same weight. They appear big because of the hair, but they are thin skinned and not hard to kill.

    I hunt with a .45 Colt, but If I were to go to the .44, I would use essentially the same load of a medium hot load with a 260 gr hard cast Kieth SWC. It will shoot into the vitals of, and through most bears.

    I would never, ever shoot at an elk at 250 yards with a handgun. At 50 yards, I would feel confident that my loads of 10 gr of Unique under that 260 would anchor that elk. At 50 yards this load will enter and exit lengthwise, a good big Muley buck. I have killed a lot of deer with this load, and have yet to recover a bullet.

    I spent many years logging in New Mexico and have been around a lot of bears. At the first whiff of a human, most bears will be heading out the other way just as fast as they can go. I only shot one bear in all those years~~I woke up one night to find one had stuck his head inside the flap of my tent and was looking around. I eased my .45 up to his head and dropped him right there, a record setting 1-1/2" shot. Unless you get between a sow and her cubs, you will not see a bear stand its ground.

    Grizzly is a different critter. I would not go into griz country with less than a 12 ga with slugs.
  12. Dtm

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    Up here on my property in Canada we have a ongoing black bear problem, and I hunt em in the fall. My choice around the cabin and in the tree stand at less than 50 yards is the hornady 225 gr Ftx lever evolution. 225 is plenty of weight for a blackie and the ballistics / accuracy of the hornady Ftx are noticeably superior to flat nosed rounds. I shoot a 1963 Ruger deeds Ayer with the tubular mag and a newer Ruger 77 bolt action both is .44 for blackies. Shoot em properly is the key, the biggest hardest bullet doesn't matter if you miss the vitals.
  13. lonewolf101

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    hey! make it INTERESTING a .22 and a mig KNIFE:D