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    from experienced and seasoned shooters in the idea of a handgun that would fit my description
    I'm very new to guns

    not heavy not light in the middle (weight)
    chambered for a caliber with good stopping power(in my mind a .45 seems to be nice)
    reliability and ease of maintenance(I would like less a chance of a miss fire or jam an if it happens be able to fix it in a reasonable amount of time)
    lastly strong and sturdy I don't know anything about polymer grips an slides an whatnot but plastic isn't strong an sturdy to me

    what ever handguns you feel meet my requirements please list them an feel free to give additional advice on the subject as well I will also be going to a range an renting the guns I feel that I like from your answers to get a much more personal experience with them
    thank you

    p.s. I truly know nothing more about guns but how to point aim shoot an that's literally it so links to more information on your answers would be appreciated also