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Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by treevor, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. treevor

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    i want to get a sks and i want to be able to custom it or trick it out nothing too crazy just be able to add a hand grip red dot sight and what not (not right away but with time). what i want to know is who makes the best sks for the money and am i better off buying one that already has synthetic furniture or just getting one with wood furniture and adding tapco furniture to it latter on. im on a tight budget so im pretty much just looking for a stock sks but one that has more than a 6 round haha.

    i want this gun sport shooting but be able to use to defend my family if needed (keep in my mind i already have a s&w .357,.38,and my old school cop 12 gauge always in arms reach but looking for something with range to it).
    This would be my first assault rifle buy so something thats also easier to work with.
  2. mongo43

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    I say just get it and keep it stock. The original mag is 10 rounds not 6. Some of the tapco stocks need some minor fitting to work right depending on what country your sks comes from.

    Just make sure that if you do change it. That you keep the parts that you remove. That way if you can put it back original if you want to sell it at a higher price.

  3. Threetango

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    Treevor, just my opinion but I feel the Russian SKS would be your best choice.
    I have 2 Chicom models and both work flawlessly so they would be second.


  4. JWagner

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    I think that you have at least 3 choices: Russian (most costly) , Yugoslavian and Chinese. I have a Yugo SKS and not everybody likes the grenade launcher stuff on it, but it does not harm the function. I bought it last year for $320 and since then I have seen them a bit cheaper in the classifieds. Keep an eye on the local classifieds ( and the pawn shops. Be patient and get a fair deal.
  5. nosaj

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    0 dont want them banning any SKSs now.........
  6. sputnik1988

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    Just to clarify, an SKS is not an assault rifle. Assault rifles by definition must be full auto.

    I second the Russian or Chinese option.

    If you get one with a wood stock PM me if you want to sell the stock, I have a folder on mine and hate it.
  7. treevor

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    Haha sorry nosaj good point better chose my words wisely
  8. mag_01

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    The SKS is one rifle that goes to the range with me most often as it is fun to shoot --- I also load lead g/c boolets for it --- shooting milatary ammo also
  9. robocop10mm

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    IMHO the main reason th change out the stocks is length of pull. SKS stocks are way too short for me. Keep in mind if you put a high cap detachable mag, a collapsible stock and pistol grip, you are now in 922R territory. With three "evil" features you cannot have more than 10 imported parts. As long as the stock and mag are US made, you are ok under federal law, but you could get crossways with some states.
  10. Big-Nasty

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    I would only get either a Russian or Chinese. Russian SKS's are getting harder to find but the Chinese Norinco type 56 SKS rifles are easier to find. Both are well made rifles. But if you ever happen to find a Chinese Norinco MC-5D then that would be the best choice of them all. It's a shorter SKS rifle that doesn't have a bayonet but it uses AK-47 mags.
  11. locutus

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    I have a stock Norinco except the mag. I added a fixed 20 rounder made by Norinco. No issues whatsoever. I kept the 10 rounder though jiust ion case.

    The Norinco has chrome chamber and bore. Most of the eastern Europeans do not. That's a big deal to me since I have a ton of corrosive ammo squirrelled away.
  12. John_Deer

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    I have two nonrinco preban SKS's. I bought them in the mid 80s. I have had no desire to own an AK. With Winchester hunting ammo they both shoot as good as my model 60 marlin. You have to be cautious when buying an SKS. It's very easy to buy a pretty piece of scrap iron. When I bought my SKS's local gun shops would not even bother to remove them from the wooden case. There were always a couple duds in every case.

    Take a bore light with you. Try to shoot the gun before buying it.
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  13. cuate

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    I have owned both a Chinese type 56 SKS and a Yugo with the grenade launcher garbage which I removed and disposed of. My opinion is that the Chinese one was extremly the best and I purchased one for my Grown Son, EX Army, Iraq Vet for Christmas and he loves it ! I once modified the chinese one that I first had to take AK mags, ordered the parts from a man in Houston, TX, do not recall the name or place. Was considerable work but a wonderful modification. I moved from the SKS world from that wonderful rifle to the AK world but for long lasting, well made and machined rifles, the SKS it much better made.