Need Advice on a good .243 Coyote Gun?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by hayan_in_idaho, Feb 26, 2013.

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    I am new to the centerfire group and am looking at a savage 11 Trophy Hunter XP in .243. Any opinions on this gun? My price range is around $500. I know the Savage 11 has a sweet scope, but is there something better for my money? I've looked into the Marlin X7 as well as the Savage Axis/Edge. I know these are "base" models, but I don't know what I am exactly gaining or losing with it all. As the title indicates, I am looking to use this primarily on coyotes. If I am wanting to save the pelts, is this a good caliber for that? I know 22-250, .223, .204 are good calibers, but I am also liking that .243 can take deer. I am just wondering if it's overkill for wanting to save coyote pelts? Opinions? Help!
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    243 is one bad ass, fast flying, hard hitting round in a small caliber. So it deals a lot of internal damage with minimal external damage. However since there is so much gun powder behind a small bullet it will reduce barrel life. But that may only be by a few thousand rounds 22-250 is what slot of people use but it seems a little underpowered bc most shots takes leave the animal to bless out instead of an instant kill, not something you want to do. 204 is good but hard to come by. If you use the gun only to hunt & not just to blow off rounds I'd go with 243
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