Need Advice On .357 Mag Revolver

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by Wonder Dog, Dec 31, 2008.

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    Yeah, the Pythons were hand fitted to extremely tolerances-the best of ANY production revolver. Nowadays the S&W performance center equates the precision of those Pythons but none are smoother than those Pythons out of box. I've tuned/slicked up many revolvers and most designs CAN be tuned to the same degree. For absolutely the lightest smoothest revolvers I've done, the Ruger Security Six and Redhawk lockwork design lends itself to great double action trigger pull. Naturally most people don't go to the trouble to tune their revolvers to this degree so we'll stick with out of box stock revolvers. You're not going to go wrong with any quality made modern revolver IF IT FITS.
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    I own 2 Taurus revolvers. They are decent guns. I had my 6 inch Taurus tuned to get it up to where I wanted it. Taurus guns are trying real hard to come up to the accuracy that most American shooters demand from their handguns. Out of the box, a good number of Taurus pistols need a little tweaking. Not all of them do need tweaking but a good percentage do. My 6 inch Taurus now shoots almost as well as my 6 inch Smith & Wesson which was put together to do competition shooting. I would not hesitate to carry or use a Taurus revolver at all.
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    I'm a fan of the Dan Wessen Revolvers Myself.

    Google Dan Wesson PPC to see what I'm talking about lol.
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    I have this revolver and I like it. Reliable and shoots straight. Kind of big for a carry weapon. It is a fun gun and easy to maintain. Relatively inexpensive.
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    I would absolutely, without a doubt, trust my life to a S&W revolver. Also, something about S&W creating the .357 mag round for PDs back in whatever year it was, makes me want to go with a Smith even more.:D
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    I carry this gun every day. I am wearing right now as I type.

    It's a good weapon. Obviously, fit and finish are not quite Colt python or S&W level, but I have found it to be a great shooter.

    It consistently puts lead on target, and does not have any problems. It's my second taurus, and I love it. It's big and heavy though. Concealed carry can be tricky.
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    Smith and Ruger both are excellent. I've got 586 and 686 Smith's and several Rugers. Also carried a Ruger Speed Six for many years. Tough and reliable. Agree that for home use, the 4" bbl is what you want. Either of the aforementioned makes are excellent revolvers and will serve you well.
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    I have a 586, a SP101, and a GP100. I love them all. The Ruger action can be slicked up very nice. You can't go wrong with any of them.
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    hard question

    The Ruger GP100 is the most accurate .357 I 've shot out of the box. The Ruger Security -six seemed a really good combination of many things. I'm not sure which is prettier the Python or the Smith 27. My favorite for shooting is a Smith 686. The lightest one I own is a Tarus. The one I carry the most is a Smith model 60 3 inch. It's not overly large for double action shooting with my middle sized hands and shoots well after the trigger has been tuned. If you or your wife is recoil sensitive, the ability to use .38 spl. ammo allows a person to get use to it a little at a time and for inexpensive practice Smith has made an excellent J frame .22.
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    I have a Ruger gp100 and love it unfortunatly my wife who is 5' even and 110Lbs loves it to and ends up being the only gun she wants to shoot so when we go to the range she eats up all my ammo for it. So my vote would be for the gp100 great well made guns and a great caliber and u cant beat the hogue grips they come with. Brand new they run under $600(think i paid $580 for mine) .I did have an issue with mine but i sent in to ruger and they took care of the prob free of charge.
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    A couple of things come to mind? Are you wanting a slim grip? And are you wanting an adjustable sight or fixed or going to use lazer? I purchased a S&W Pro-Series 60-15 SS 3inch with adjustable night sights that shoots point of aim for me about a year ago? It is very manageble with +P loads and easy back on target. Very accurate if you want a new revolver I would reccommend these hands down. If you looking for a used version the S&W 60's, Colt police Spl., and Detective and the Tarrus 85's are as good of choices that you will find in small frame. If you perfer a heavier frame go with a Colt Python or Ruger SP-101 in the 357 catagory.
    NOTE:The laser options are better for the J frame Model 60 S&W if that's the direction you like?
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    New poster here, and new handgun owner. I recently inherited 5 handguns from my father in law. One .357 not mentioned in this thread is the Taurus 608. I have this in the 4" vented barrel and have read good reviews on it, people seem to like the 8 round capacity. Any thoughts from the knowledgable crowd? I haven't shot it yet but am going to do a class with it. Does the vented barrel affect the accuracy?
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    Taurus 66 4" or 6"

    In here Taurus rules, I think that Taurus offer the best bang for the buck, the Taurus 66 it's durable and reliable, and could perfectly do their job as home defender. In Venezuela the Taurus 66, 82 and 605 are the most popular wheel guns...
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    The factory porting will only affect accuracy in the positive as it will help you shoot it easier and with less felt recoil-that's the only way it will affect accuracy in any way.

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    NO. Accuracy will possibly improve. HOWEVER, porting makes the shock-wave a bit more brutal to the shooter and others near by. I have several ported revolvers and all of them chase off other shooters...