Need advice from the Grill Masters......

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    I have never been able to make delicious ribs on the grill. What do you guys do when you cook ribs. What's the key to having them come out tender and delicious? What sauces, rubs, etc. do you use?

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    Smoke-um...Slow...Some people boil them in water first so they fall-off the bone...I just smoke-um..real..SLOW.....


    LONGHAIR New Member

    I'm going to Rib America in downtown St.Louis this weekend and I'm letting the best grilling teams in America make my ribs,and I'm going to watch .38 Special...Collective Soul...Kansas...Montrose...Candlebox..and..Molly Hatchet....Can't wait to see Molly Hatchet.....That's the best way to make rib's...:D:D:D
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    First I start with Smithfield ribs, then I make sure they are not frozen and I cut them in half then put them on the grill at 220 Deg. until you can stick a fork in them and twist and they come apart. Some place around 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours turning them every 30 minutes.

    Basting for the ribs, a half cup Viniger, Table spoon of smoke flaver, and table spoon of soy sauce. Brush on bast each time you turn them.
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    Winds & Oppaw

    God I am getting hungry!!!!!

    Also recently I found a website by Googling: "what is the best way to barbecue ribs". It pulled up a
    They have some great pointers and also some recipes and advise for Barbecuing Ribs. Can't wait to try some of the recipes they mentioned. Hope they make the ribs as good as they sound. A good friend of mine boils his first. But whichever way you fix them the key is SLOW SLOW SLOW! Too many people cook or fix them way to quickly ruining them! I baste them with BBQ for the last 10 minutes or so they are on the grill. But marinade them overnight in a glass covered container (Not Aluminum) for at least 24 hours *In the refrigerator prior to preparation. I think one important thing is the refrigerator and the container.
    As I said I am on the road still this weekend and man does that sound GOOD!
    Let me know how they taste!!:p

  6. Poink88

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    My father in law pressure cooks the ribs before grilling...saves a lot of time and it comes really good & tender too!

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    O K...I'm Fricken Hungry......Let's Eat.......:cool:
  8. canebrake

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    LOW & SLOW!

    Few charcoal briquettes occasionally adding one or two and sprinkle damp mesquite chips into a tin pie pan to keep some smoke in the grill.

    Baby steps Windy, be patient and keep the temp below 250º, keep some smoke in the grill and never let the ribs get dry. Use your favorite BBQ sauce and get a grill mop.

    Good luck and call me when they're done!
  9. lonyaeger

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    Low and slow works and so does the pre-boil or steam method. Obviously, boil or steam is quicker, and you can control the tenderness a little better. Both give good results.
  10. cpttango30

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    I'm with the low and slow crowd.

    I take and make my own rub.

    If you want a good recipe try this one.
    Rib Dry Rub Recipe : : Food Network

    Garlic powder
    Kosher salt
    fresh ground black pepper
    Dryed brown sugar
    little onion powder
    cumin (Good smokey flavor)
    pinch of rubbed sage
    few red pepper flakes

    Some say peal the silver skin off as well (Skin lining the under side of the ribs that would be in the chest cavity)

    Then I use a vinegar based sauce most of the time to mop them.

    Here is A Bobby Flay one.
    Smoked Ribs with Carolina-Style BBQ Sauce Recipe : Bobby Flay : Food Network
    2 cups cider vinegar
    2 tablespoons light brown sugar
    1/2 teaspoon cayenne powder
    Few dashes hot pepper sauce (recommended: Tabasco)
    1 tablespoon kosher salt
    1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    Mix of hickory and applewood chips
    1 quart apple cider
    North Carolina Barbecue Sauce, recipe follows
  11. ScottA

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    Ribs are too much work for too little reward.
  12. cpttango30

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    Oh yeah

  13. JonM

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    pork ribs ill sprinkle on some cracked pepper and kosher salt then coat them in yellow mustard. the mustard being vinegar based prevents the pork from getting than hammy taste you find in most restraunt's par-boiled or oven baked ribs.

    they go on the smoker at 250 degrees for 4-6 hours. they are done when trying to lift the rack and seeing the meat start to tear. generally ill grip the rack with tongs bout halfway down.

    in the world of real bbq you get strung up if sauce is cooked on the ribs!! i serve the sauce on the side.

    restraunts cover their ribs in sauce and bake it on to cover the ham flavor and hide the fact its par broiled.

    bout 5 minutes to prep the smoker 10-15 to prep the ribs. easy easy
  14. wmille01

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    I don't boil them I get them frozen, I thaw them out with hot water I do not boil them. I let them sit bear in the hot water for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then I cook them over hot coals when they start to get some color to them coat them lightly with "sweet baby rays' BBQ sauce type depends on my mood. I keep coating them every 10 to 15 minutes then when there done I popem out and serve them with usually either fried catfish or frog legs depending. I do the same thing with stake without the fish, comes out pretty darn good.
  15. stalkingbear

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    In addition to the excellent advise posted above, smoke them with indirect heat. If you try to smoke them with direct heat you'll wind up cooking them. By that I mean have your charcoal on 1 side of the grill & have the ribs on the other side. Also keep the top vent closed for more smoke on the ribs. I NEVER use frozen ribs.
  16. jca1

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    Funny, I cooked baby backs tonight.

    Pull the membrane stuff off the bone side if cooking baby backs before you cook them.

    Rub them good with kosher salt and pepper from a grinder on one side, rub the other side(bone side) with seasoned salt.

    Grill them on 250 for about 2-4 hours(depending on type of ribs) without flipping them, never flip ribs, always cook bone side down. Then start brushing with sauce every 10 minutes for the next 30 minutes. Then cut the rack in half and take it off the grill.
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  17. cpttango30

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    As you can see there are as many ways of cooking ribs as there are people cooking them.
  18. AusLach

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    Not sure if you'd like this Winds but I cooked some spare ribs the other night and they were amazing.

    8 pork spare rib rashes
    1/2 cup honey
    1/3 cup tomato sauce
    1/4 cup soy sauce
    2 tbs hoisin sauce
    3 crushed garlic cloves
    2 tsp grated ginger
    1 tbs olive oil
    1 1/2 tsp chilli powder

    Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Pour marinade over ribs into zip-loc bag and marinade overnight.
    Preheat oven to 410*F and line baking dish with oil. Pour enough water in the bottom of the baking dish to cover the bottom (it helps prevent excess marinade from burning) and top with a lightly greased wire rack. Place ribs in a single layer on the rack and put them in the oven.
    Reduce the reserve marinade in a small saucepan over medium heat until it thickens. Baste over the ribs while turning periodically for 40 mins or until golden and sticky.
    Serve over steamed rice :cool:
  19. freefall

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    I am lazy. I pull off the inner membrane, rub them with my simple BBQ rub. Bake them @ 275 for about 3 hrs, then grill just to crisp them up.:eek: I've kind of quit using BBQ sauce, I just like the taste of the ribs.
    Obviously I'm no Grill Meister, should have kept my pie hole shut.
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  20. winds-of-change

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    I don't have a gas grill, I just have a charcoal grill. So, when one says cook them at 250 does that only apply to gas grills? Or should I have a thermometer of some sort for my charcoal grill. Bear's instructions made good sense to us charcoal grillers. But all the recipes sound wonderful and I am going to attempt this some day soon.

    Here's a funny story. I was newly married and wanted to make a delicious meal for us. I bought a rack of ribs (they aren't cheap and we were pretty broke) and threw them on the grill, directly over the coals. They looked "done" in about a half hour/forty five minutes. I slathered them in barbecue sauce and set them on the table. They looked incredibly delicious. But as you all can guess, eating them was like chewing dog rawhide bones. We laughed hysterically but we ate them anyway. It was like the world's longest dinner because it took us a long time to chew them. I tried ribs one more time after that and STILL couldn't get it right. I've never tried ribs again.
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