Need advice for my first gun!

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Teddyx87, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Teddyx87

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    Hello! First let me say thanks for all the good info you guys post here. I have learned a lot reading these forums in the last hour.

    I have seen some posts asking about tips on what your first gun should be etc. Seems like most people want a gun that has some power and yet is a good beginner rifle.

    I personally just need something simple. I have never fired gun and I don't need anything crazy. Seems from what I can understand a .22 is the way to go. Any tips on what I should get or thoughts would be appreciated!

    Two questions i did have:

    What brands can I really trust?
    Should I buy new or used?

    Thanks again!
  2. Dillinger

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    Welcome to the Forum Teddy -

    For a starting rifle, a .22 caliber boltgun, or even one of the Ruger 10/22's would be a great choice.

    The ammo is cheap, and plentiful, and you can shoot a couple of hundred rounds in an afternoon and not have to worry about being punished by the recoil.

    Marlin, Savage, Ruger - all good names in firearms that have been around for many years.

    I would narrow your choices down to whether you want a single shot, boltgun style OR do you want a magazine fed, semi automatic style.

    Once you narrow that down, the guys here will definitely be willing and able to point you in the right direction.

    Again, welcome to the forum and welcome to the wonderful world of firearms. :D


  3. Teddyx87

    Teddyx87 Guest

    I would probably say bolt action.

    Also I see lever action, wild west style. Is there a major difference with those or are they the same?

    But from what I can see I think bolt action would be best. Thanks for the info Dillinger!
  4. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Teddy - No problem, happy to try and help.

    I really like the CZ 452 model line. It's a really well built gun, accurate and reliable. I think if you do some searching in the .22 community you will find that it's pretty common.

    What kind of price range are you looking at spending? That might help with some of the selections for you.

  5. ScottG

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    You want a Henry if you want a levergun. Made in Brooklyn. Smooth action, very accurate. They sell for around $200 at WalMart for the basic .22. They also have introduced new larger caliber rifles too.
  6. Teddyx87

    Teddyx87 Guest

    300-500$, I mean in reality since it will be my first gun I don't mind going low just to get the feel. Even if it won't last that long or If make a mistake say on its maintenance and damge the gun some how.

    With that said if there was a good quality rifle I wouldn't mind moving up to the 500 range.

    I would agree that line seems to have a nice set of choices. Now I think i just need to decide on how much i want to spend

    Thanks again.

  7. BillM

    BillM Well-Known Member Supporter

    Look at Savage. You can get a synthetic stocked magazine fed bolt action 22
    with accu-trigger for <$150 if you shop around a little.
  8. hillbilly68

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    hey Teddy the only thing I would offer up is you will be in the 1-150 range for a first .22 (IMO). If you choose to go with an inexpensive bolt gun I think you will be veery happy. And it wont stop there, brace yourself for the self imposed onslaught;) Before you know it you will be spending your rifle budget and then some on just a scope, much less the rifle that you will put under it. Welcome aboard, good luck with your choice.

  9. BigO01

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    Hey Ted welcome aboard hope we can help you with gaining solid accurate knowledge on guns .

    I don't know about the rest of the guys but when having the time for a complete answer a question like this is perhaps the hardest to give a solid answer on .

    The reason is I have no idea what you see as an ultimate goal in achieving as a gun owner .

    Are you interested in evolving into a hunter ? Serious Collector ? Serious Competitor ? Serious in self defense/home defense ? Or are you just wanting to be an all around type owner that most of us are who dabble a tad here and there in more than one of the above as the interest strikes us ?

    The advice you've been given is great but just what do you see yourself doing with that 22 in the future ?

    If becoming a small game hunter and then progressing onto big game , spending a bunch of money on a 22 really doesn't make much sense .

    On the other hand you're a person who takes a great deal of pride in owning the best you can afford either in looks or performance you're at a different level .

    Some people have niches they fill as with your mentioning the lever/cowboy guns or perhaps get into Blackpowder and doing the primitive thing with campouts and all that and they want to go and spend a few hours pretending their Billy The Kid or Daniel Boone .

    They now have a wonderful assortment of organizations and clubs that will feed your wildest desire to go out and "Play" at being whatever you desire from Cowboy shoots to IDPA combat competition etc. etc. .

    To be perfectly honest some of the greatest fun I have had shooting is with shotguns breaking clay birds completely informally with a personal launcher a friend or two and a box of clays in the country .

    So tell us just what if any are your future interests as you get started and what may be the opportunities in your area as in ranges to shoot at etc. to help you achieve those goals .
  10. stalkingbear

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    beginner gun

    You've been given excellent advise so I just want to touch on a couple of things. Whatever .22 you get,make sure it's a good 1 because it'll last you all your life,and you'll probably pass it down to your kids. Also,a lot of people go full circle and rediscover the .22 years after moving up to larger guns. The way I look at it-any trigger time is better than none and the .22 will always be a fun gun to shoot as well as inexpensive to shoot. I reccomend a quality bolt action so that you'll make the most of every shot which promotes better marksmanship. A accurate rifle will be more interesting as well as boost your self confidence. A "big boy" full size styled .22 will handle/carry/balance just like a centerfire rifle too so that you'll be used to weight/controls,etc.
    Another thing is don't make the mistake of putting a very cheap scope on it.
    Too many people do that thinking "it's JUST a .22" and wind up upgrading to a good scope later or even worse,never realizing the potentional of their accuracy.