need a scope for ak with a bdc

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by smurffysmurf, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. smurffysmurf

    smurffysmurf New Member

    Im wantin a scope with 6 ish power and a bdc or something like it. Im set on a posp simonev. Any ideas
  2. thatguy216

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    I dont have any experience with the simonev, but in my ak experiences...I would ask myself a few questions first. What type of ak rifle, barrel length, scope mount, where to mount ect. As far as bdc, an ak isnt historically accurate. You can get a scope with bdc, but on an ak as it is inaccurate inherently, using it will give mixed results. They typically will not shoot a 2moa group at 100 yards, and that's being generous. Like all rifles, some are more accurate than others, and then you get ne that "wont hit a barn. I had a side mount russian scope, unsure the actual manufacturer as is was written in russian. It had illuminated recticle, and a bdc to 800. I used it on 3 seperate ak's and it never would zero to 100 yards consistently in a rest. A 6 power is more than enough on an ak platform as it will allow you to see further than the rifle will be accurate to. unless you re going to be shooting over 200 yards consistently with your ak, I wouldn't worry about the bdc unless you just want the idea of it. Now if you have a heavier barreled 20in drugonuv, then I would consider a good power scope with bdc as these are significantly more accurate than the standard ak. If i ever were to put another scope on an ak, which i have no plans to ever do, It would just be a forward mount red dot, because realistically, at the limits of the red dot's range is about the end range for accuracy for an ak. The accuracy, or lack there of, is a platform wide issue with the ak because they "flex" when they are shot. Get on you tube and you can find videos of what the barrels on a ak do when shown in slow motion. This is why any high power scope or bdc would not be useful on them. The same as far as accuracy is concerned really holds true for most carbine length rifles as well, not just the ak, like a mini-14 or m4's/ar-15 carbine and midlength's. True you can tweak them to make them more accurate, but out of the box 100 yard sub moa from a carbine is great. With all my ak's ie owned and scopes attached to them, I eventually opt's for iron sights once I realized the limits of the rifles accuracy. Made life less frustrating trying to figure zero. But you may be one of the lucky ones who has a rifle tha twill hold a group, in which case a 4-6 power will work somewhat effectively... just something to think about. Good luck in whatever decision you make.