Need a new piggy bank???

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    I'm one of those people who don't like to see animals suffer unnecessarily, but sometimes the animal rights activists get on my nerves. These people aren't breeding pigs for the sole purpose of killing the piglets to do this, so what's the problem.
    Then again, who could afford this, and why exactly would you buy one if you could afford it. It's kind of cute, and kind of creepy at the same time. Would you buy it for your kids? I couldn't imagine going to bed as a kid at night with those eyes staring at me...
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    Sounds like some nasty thing you'd find in a border town in Mexihole

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    Now that's just weird, I mean, I've got deer heads on the wall, but I don't put my money in them:eek:
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    I went to the site, they have other goodies.

    Now this would be good to freak your co-workers out when the go to sit on the can.

    New Glory Holes

    Think of them as ‘All the toilet fun without the prison and embarrasing exposure to your community bit’. These wipe clean stickers can make you think that you are about to embark on an adventure with a stranger but in fact it will be an optical illustion at its most pathetic. It could be for someone who just hasn’t built up the courage and needs a hand, or it may just be a gift for someone you don’t like. Here’s to putting the ‘Glory’ back into ‘Glory Holes’.

    GLORY HOLES « The Cheeky