Need A Little Saiga Help

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    About the only thing I am seeing out there are a few MM M10s which I decided against getting since they don't have mag well dimples... a few cheaper AKs that I decided against because I don't want to deal with possible canted issues and a few Lancaster and a few Saigas like this one or this one which is confusing me a little... I am new to all of this but I don't see any tactical forearm furniture being used on this as is stated in the ad... I am thinking by looking at the pics with that plastic-like forearm "cover" you can't attach a tactical forearm or any other type tactical gear because there's no rails!?!?? What am I missing here? I see this type of forearm on some Arsenals as well and I always skip over them because I don't want to have some long drawn out conversion process I have to do to make it a tactical AK by adding a rail kit like this... does the forend cover come off easy and that kit is attached pretty easily or what? Lancaster seems to be my main option right now... they tell me they can ship me their tactical AK without a grip or stock and deduct $45 and I can attach what I want to it... HELP!!!
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    The Saigas are imorted as hunting rifles and converted back to pistol grip form. The smooth forearm is what is included. If you are installing the rail it shoud just bolt on fairly easily.

    Also realize that the Saigas you listed don't have muzzle devices or bayonet lugs either if that is important to you.