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    The "What do you do for a living" thread inspired me to post this-

    I saw a few people are currently out of work, and just thought I would share some info about Western ND/ Eastern MT:

    We need people up here! I have been trying to get concrete poured for a garage for 14 months- everyone is too busy

    Arby's restaurant in Williston, ND has been paying $14/hr to start with a $500 signing bonus-

    the Super Walmart in Williston, ND is still short 50 employees to be fully staffed.

    Here is a link to new openings in Williston, ND as of today:

    Our local convenience store is hiring, $12/hr to start w/ benefits

    Many local truck drivers are needed- most are starting at $50k/yr w/ benefits, they will even train you to get your CDL:
    Badlands PowerFuels - Employment

    We need plumbers, electricians, HVAC guys, carpet layers, nurses, IT people, teachers, carpenters, check out this website:

    I know the rest of the country is struggling, but here in the upper midwest, the economy is booming- our legislature in ND had to deal with a billion dollar SURPLUS this last winter.

    This is a great place to live- God, Guns, and family along with great hunting and fishing, and great schools

    Anyways, I wish you the best if you are unemployed, and I know moving is tough on a family, but consider it!
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    Would you mind posting up a link or two for real estate? I would be interested to see what land prices are there. Thanks for the info. :)

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    Is that right? $14 an hour at Arby's. What's the cost of living around there? Hell I would have went to work at Arbys when I was unemployed! I think they pay roughly 7.50 or so around here.