Need a good powder measure

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by ktmboyz, May 17, 2011.

  1. ktmboyz

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    I have a lee powder measure that came with my press and it works OK but its tight and chews up your hand when you start getting over 50 rounds.

    I have looked at the rcbs and others but need some real world input ??
  2. Txhillbilly

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    The RCBS Uniflow is a good powder measure,and an even better one is a Redding Bench rest model.
    I have both,and they get used just as much as my Electric/Digital powder measure.

    You can find some great deals on used ones on Ebay,just make sure they come with the cylinder that you need or both-Large & Small.The Large is for rifle charges,and the smal is for pistol charges.

  3. cpttango30

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    For a good every day powder measure the RCBS, Redding, or Hornady can't be beat. I have a RCBS Uniflow I/II My grandfather bought the uniflow when it first came out. He used it my dad used it and i now have had it for 20 years. It was packed away and got a little rusty so I called RCBS and sent it to them with a note and my return address. 2 weeks after putting it in the mail it was back. They cleaned painted and replaced the hopper and guts with uniflow II parts. It runs good as new.

    If you want a culver type measure that is benchrest accurate then you look no further than a Harrells HARRELL : Harrell Classic Culver Powder Measure -
  4. RMP1394-RLTW

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    I just read your Ed Goodson quote adn cannot stop laughing!
  5. noylj

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    You have the perfect powder measure?
    Not sure how it can be chewing up your hand.
    It is about as accurate as any and better with some powders than many others.
    I load progressively and consider the Lee Pro Auto-Disk to be a best buy.
    For single-stage users or those that manually charge each case, the Hornady L-N-L powder measure is the best unless you want to buy a benchrest measure for $200+. The insert that adjusts the powder charge costs a little over $10, so you can buy one for every charge weight you like and never have to "hunt" for that exact charge again. This is much better than spending money on a micrometer adjustment insert.
    For progressive presses, I really like the Hornady L-N-L with the case-activated powder drop, but I also consider the Dillon to be a top choice (but it doesn't handle as many powders as well as the Hornady).
    Can't say anything specific about the RCBS as I sold mine with my RockChucker back in the early '80s.
  6. Poof38

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    Are you cycling the powder measure by hand? I'm not sure how your hand could get chewed up. The auto disks work as advertised and they also have a charge bar that works good. I'm satisfied with the powder measures on my SD & 650 since I'm not a benchrest shooter.
  7. ktmboyz

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    The powder measure I have was just so tight that it was hard to move and was about to break the mount.. I didn't want to put any lube on it and have powder start sticking to it,, but I sprayed a little bit of case lube at it from the outside and its nice and smooth now. It was like that since new so maybe it was just molded a little off or something. I have pretty tough hands and I was starting to almost get a callus from it. But its all better now. I still might get a better one though.

    Thanks for all the replies