Need A Date For Model #2

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  1. Can Anyone Help Me With A Date For A S & W Model #2 32 Cal. Rimfire Revolver?
    Serial #17633 On Butt Of Grip- Number 442 Marked In Two Places
    Just Below Barrel And On The Face Of The Chamber- I Tried The S&w Website But They Are Not Taking Any More Requests For Dating Until Mid-october. Is This A High Or Low Production Number? Civil War Era? Post Civil War Era? Much Thanks For Any Help Or Suggestions
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    I need a date WITH a model! [​IMG]

    Sorry. Couldn't help myself......:eek:

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    If you are referring to the .32 double action second model, it was only manfactured from 1880-1882 with serial number range of 31-22,172.