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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by lonyaeger, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. lonyaeger

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    I need a rifle that I can just keep in the toolbox of the truck so I'll have it with me for whatever comes about as I'm traveling the 550 acres out here.

    I want a 22-inch barrel, preferably stainless with a polymer stock, chambered in .22-250, which I think is the perfect caliber for this need. I will probably go "pre-owned." I'll probably put a simple little 3-9 scope on it.

    I'll be looking for Tika, Howa, or Remington primarily. Anybody have any comments, suggestions, or recommendations?
  2. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    whats your longest distance?? if you scope it be sure to pick a rugged scope a lot of scopes dont hold zero very well being bounced around.

  3. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Up to just a couple hundred yards probably....maybe three just for fun.

    I have a Meopta 6x42 that's built like a tank. I'll put that on it with solid rings.
  4. robocop10mm

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    An older Remington 788 may fit the bill. The nicer specimens have niche colletor status, but the rougher ones are very reasonably priced. .22-250 was a fairly common caliber in those.
  5. therewolf

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    Yes sir.

    Try gun broker dot com(yanno, not trying to spamyalater here...)

    If it's a beater, I'd try to get it used. they have some great deals if you

    take a little time.
  6. Gut_Pile

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    Well you posted interest in a Tikka and I use a T3 lite in .243 for my main coyote calling gun. its very light and accurate and I kind of consider it a beater because is so damn ugly. I think if my daughter stays interested in hunting I'll be getting her one in 6.5 swede for deer hunting. I'm not happy with the .243 on coyotes (too much damage) so i'll probably buy another T3 eventually for coyotes in 22-250.
  7. russ

    russ New Member

    My "truck gun" criteria may be way different from yours, but price is my first concern. I don't want to leave a $1000 rifle in my toolbox. Condition is second, I really look for something that already has some nicks or scratches (and is priced accordingly) so that when I add to them, I don't feel too bad.

    Here's a couple contenders. Not exactly what you posted, but a pretty decent price tag.

    NICE Savage Model 12 22-250 Varmit HB sniper Rifle : Bolt Action at

    Savage Axis 22-250 NIB : Bolt Action at

    NEW SAVAGE MODEL 16 22-250 STAINLESS/SYN $475 : Bolt Action at

    Ruger M77 Mark II 22-250 Like new Stainless : Bolt Action at
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  8. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    I myself would look for something in Stainless Steel. To add to being low maintenance. If you went new.

    Used I would really look for a 788. they are just as accurate as a 700 if not a little better. You can get it and send it off for a duracoat or other finish like that. Throw it in a cheap Ramline stock and you have the makings of a great little truck gun. I think with your scope and this rifle you will be bullseyeing Nutria from the truck in no time.....

    Remington 788 w/Scope 22-250 NO RESERVE .01c : Bolt Action at

    Ram-Line Syntech Rifle Stock Remington 788 243, 6mm, 308, 7mm-08 with 7.1" Hole Spacing Synthetic Black - MidwayUSA
  9. Switchbarrel

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    Is there a Wal-Mart in your area? If so, do they still carry firearms? When my local Wallyworld used to carry firearms, it seems like they had package guns like what you're describing at prices that were cheap enough to not make it worth buying used.
  10. nate

    nate New Member

    I picked up a Savage Axis/Edge in 22-250 yesterday for the same reason. NIB for $270.
  11. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    OK guys he is wanting a short barrel Not a 26" barreled varmint gun. I do believe he has one already.

    Lon have you looked at maybe a Ruger Hawkeye Compact in 243? The 243 will give you a little more variation in bullet weights. With 58gr V-Max being smokin fast and producing great red mist.

    Doubt you will find a used one. But it is something to think about.
    Ruger® M77® Hawkeye® Laminate Compact Bolt-Action Rifle Models
  12. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Wound up with a Howa 1500 kit with a cheap scope that I replaced right away with a Meopta I had sitting around. It has a rubber Hogue stock on it and it's not blued or stainless, it's matte, so rust shouldn't be a real problem.

    I really wanted the .22-250 Brett, because I think that is the most versatile round for the application out here. I loaded up some Nosler BT 55-grain with H380 that gave me 3,763 fps, took her out today and she shot real well. Guys out here have taken 200 pound hogs with a .22-250 with no problem.

    My only complaint is that it came with a Picatinny rail that the scope was already mounted on. I put the Meopta on it and, when I first took it out, I couldn't believe how tight the bolt was, almost took two hands to turn it.

    Took it home, took off the rail and replaced it with a Leupold base and rings I had. When I took off the rail, I saw that one of the screws wasn't even screwed down at all. Then, I realized that the screws they used were too long and that's what was causing the bolt problem. Can't believe it came from the factory that way.

    I ran out of windage on the Meopta and ran out of time, but I'll make the windage adjustment on the base and things will be okay.

    Thanks for all your input. I think the rifle is a good deal for the money, but the way they set up the optic was shoddy at best. I think they were just trying to make it look cool with the rail and the "sand" colored Nikko-Sterling scope that matches the stock. Big woop.
  13. jeepcreep927

    jeepcreep927 New Member


    Lon- Did you get the Ranchland? My son decided that was his choice for his first deer rifle (7mm-08). Going to pick it up tomorrow. I've never owned a Howa and was just curious what your thoughts were on it, now that you have it in hand.
  14. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Yes. The Ranchland. Didn't really realize that's what it was until I saw that logo on the stock.

    I think the rifle is good so far, but you read what I had to say about the optic setup. I never planned to keep the scope it came with on it, so my complaint is about the mounting furniture.

    Howa/Hogue Ranchland Compact Rifles
  15. cpttango30

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    PICTURES man where are the damn PICTURES.....
  16. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

  17. jeepcreep927

    jeepcreep927 New Member

    Yeah damnit. ;)

    My boy got the "naked" version. I knew the scope would be marginal at best so we saved the money. And apparently "naked" appeals to twelve year old boys???

    Delayed on the pick up so tomorrow is the day. Might "gift" the mini me a Leupold VX2 3-9X40. I am more exited than he is I think for his first high power rifle.
  18. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Okay, here's a crappy picture.

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  19. Sniper03

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    Send us some pics on the groups she shoots~ I have never had a Howa but understand they are an excellent rifle. Many times I have thought about getting one! How is the factory trigger on it? I knew they made the Weatherby Vanguard for Weatherby so must be a very decent rifle!
    Let us know how she shoots. That 22-250 round is also known for it's accuracy and right at 3810 fps as I recall? That is D--- Fast and Flat!