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  1. Flat Tire

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    So, I've got an unfired Bushmaster M4 and want a flat top short length barrel with threaded tip. Who has the best barrel selections for that gun. Thanks
  2. Jpyle

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    Do you mean a flat top upper or a flat top railed hand guard? What length barrel, under 16" makes it a pistol or a Class III SBR but that may not be possible now if the upper was already mounted to a stocked lower (what I mean here and you should double check with the BATF, please don't take my word for it, is that mating an upper and lower as a rifle may "poison" the upper as well as the lower for use as a pistol or Class III SBR). If you have a flash suppressor your barrel should already be threaded unless you have a target crown or bull barrel.

    How much you looking to spend, an M4/AR15 upper will generally take any one of a hundred different length and twist barrels on the market and prices vary immensely from a few hundred to a few thousand, look at sites like, CDNN, Brownells, Buds and such. There should also be a few posts in the AR15 threads on different parts. A quick Google on M4 or AR15 barrels will also give a few sources.

    Good Luck
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  3. peabody

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    search out ''model 1 sales'' on the web,

    check out what they've got...

    i've had good luck with them.

  4. mjkeat

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    If your not going the SBR route Id suggest a barrel from They have a barrel Im eyeing right now. Its a 15" fluted midlength w/ matching bolt for $279. they are known for making great barrel on 6.8 guns but do great work on many other calibors. They are currently putting together a 7.62x39 midlength for me.