NC turns red...

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    "IN CONGRESS: No fewer than nine of North Carolina's congressional seats will be in Republican hands. Democrats will hold three. The 7th Congressional District, where incumbent Democrat Mike McIntyre is trying to hold off a challenge from Republican state Sen. David Rouzer, was too close to call at midnight"

    Fingers crossed for Rouzer, that contest is a 500 vote difference...A+ NRA rating for him.

    "FOR GOVERNOR: Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory easily bested Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton. McCrory, a Republican, lead for pretty much the entire campaign, and he gives the GOP control of the governor's mansion for the first time in 20 years"

    Bev Perdue was as good for NC as the kudzu...:mad::

    "AT THE LEGISLATURE: Republicans appear to have expanded their hold on the state House and state Senate.

    The Republicans' current Senate majority is 31-19. It appears from early returns the GOP will expand that edge by at least one. Senate District 1, where incumbent Democrat Stan White holds a slim lead over Republican Bill Cook, appears to be too close to call Tuesday night.

    In the House, Republicans had held 68 of 120 seats. From early, unofficial returns, it looks like they'll hold 77 of 120 seats.

    Keep in mind, the threshold for overriding gubernatorial vetoes and sending constitutional amendments to the voters is 72 votes in the House and 30 votes in the Senate.

    If they can work together, Republicans can remake state government unfettered by Democratic opposition.

    “Our tax system is a mess. Our education system, particularly K-12, is dysfunctional. Our regulatory climate is strangling business," House Majority Leader Paul Stam said. "Between those foci, we have a lot to do.”

    The only hitch in the legislative giddy-up is if Democrat Linda Coleman manages to pull out a win over Republican Dan Forest in the lieutenant governor's race. The lieutenant governor presides over the state Senate, although he or she doesn't have the power to set the rules or appoint committees."

    A veto proof House and Senate PLUS a Republican Governor...+2 for us...

    "IN THE COURTS: Paul Newby will serve another eight years on the state Supreme Court. Although the race is nonpartisan, Newby is a Republican and got millions of dollars worth of help from Republican-allied independent expenditure groups. His Democrat-backed rival, Sam Ervin IV, got some outside help but not nearly as much.

    This keeps the partisan mix on the court at 4-3. Although the court is typically nonpartisan in its decision making, Republicans see Newby as a key to holding on to key legislative victories. In particular, Newby is seen as more likely to rule that state legislative maps are constitutional and is more likely to be kindly disposed to GOP-backed reforms such as a recent medical malpractice law"

    Newby will uphold the new re-districting lines, good news there...

    "So is there a bright spot or two for Democrats?

    Aside from the president winning the national election? Not much"

    So for the first time in 120 years, we have a Senate and House majority AND a Republican Governor...Count your blessings folks...

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    I too am glad that the democrats didnt completely take over.

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    I love Pat McCory, he was a good mayor in Charlotte!