NC Laws-Any Info Appreciated

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    I own several shotguns and rifles, but I have never owned a handgun before. I grew up shooting handguns, but haven't had access to any since I left home and went to college, etc...Recently my Father-n-law gave my wife and I both a hand gun when we moved to the big city. My wife has been able to attend and a complete a CCW class, but has not purchased it as of yet. Due to my busy schedule and travel demands with my new job, I have been unable to take the class as of yet. My Father-n-law says that it is not illegal for either one of us to possess the hand guns, even though they are not yet registered in our names. Neither one of has anything on our criminal records. I have no worries or concerns about the weapons being in our home, but here is my question. Can we legally carry the firearms in our vehicles as long as they are not concealed and are visible if we get pulled over? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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    If you don't have a CCW you can have it in your car as long as it's in plain view.