NBC's Attack on Remington

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    Dear Friends,

    I know we have been down this path before! But saw this which was forwarded by the National Shooting Sport Foundation via E-mail today.
    So wanted to as we know dispel all the bad and fraudulent publicity that NBC produced in a attempt once again to pass more gun legislation. Watch all of the videos and you be the deciding factor. But it makes sense! The anti gun people working hard to effect anything and everything regarding our Second Amendment Rights by coming in the back door. I remember when they tried to sue the manufacturers for anything in an all out attempt to break the weapons industry.
    With this said please go to: www.respectremington.tv

    Please keep our Nation and our Second Amendment Rights in mind when you go to the Poles in November. And as NBC was attempting to do be with our gun rights through legislation against Remington and others. Please be cautious and do not believe the lies and deception practices presently beimg spread and those soon coming. Like the class issues being brought up by O and the gang in an attempt to manipulate women and minority votes! Thank God for the states that are passing the voter ID Law so maybe it will not be so easy this time to manipulate the election this time. By the way I am a US Patriot First! and always will be no matter what! And a strong Independent! So do not think my comments are to beat the drum for any party. I vote for who ever is best for America! And the one we have now and the congress is certainly not it!

    God Bless America and our Second Amendment Rights as well as all other rights as a citizen of the good old USA!

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  2. BenLuby

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    Sadly, posting it on here is like trying to get people to drink beer in a bar. We're all gun people here and well aware of the media spin factors. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Remington.

  3. Scratchammo

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    I think fewer watch NBC now due to the Zimmerman ordeal. I think it's an Obama conspiracy but that's just my opinion.
  4. gr8wapiti

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    The only ones who believe their rhetoric are the uninformed and uneducated. Its up to us to educate people on the truth, Uncle Ted Nugent is sure making a statement and getting the word out right now!
  5. alsaqr

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    NBC has made a career of airing their Remington 700 myth. Look for them to show that sorry piece several times before election. In all those horror story cases aired by NBC some idiot pointed a loaded gun at someone. NBC never talked about gun safety.

    None of my 19 Remignton model 700, 721 or 722 rifles have ever gone gang all by themselves.

    This is the same NBC who brought you the GM gas tank blow up myth. They rigged a GM truck gas tank to explode and were caught at it.


    NBC concocted a lie in the Treyvon Martin shooting when they edited the 911 tape to make Zimmerman and gunowners look bad:


    Would NBC lie to you to further their anti-gun ultra-liberal agenda? You betcha, they have a history of doing just that.
  6. kaido

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    I don't completely blame the rifle(s) for doing it. But I have seen and been behind one that went off "by it's self."

    I'm not to sure if any of of have seen the video or not, but there's one where someone in uniform (cop) pulls the trigger, has nothing happen and then he just barely touches the bolt causing the gun to discharge. I've had the same thin happen to me once, so has the owner I the rifle.

    I also blame this on the fact the rifle is older then the gun registry was/is and that this same guy doesn't take the greatest care of his rifles. By at the same time, he said he's cleaned it and raised the trigger weight. I fired it twice after he claim to of done this and the trigger was a good bit heavier. About a week or so after firing it I got a message from him saying "the 7 is doing it again."
    Like I said, it could be the age, but I know Remington did replace triggers in some of their 700s at one point.
  7. dog2000tj

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    Time after time after time it has been shown that the fault with the trigger has been caused by tampering and or adjusting it beyond safe limits.

    The media can suck it, they no longer know how to and have not cared to be responsible in their reporting for quite some time :cool:
  8. alsaqr

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    Bingo!!! The networks are shilling for the scalawag coalition that makes up the Democrat party.