Nazi-era pistols.

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  1. .22hustler

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    Wife is mad as I came across two WWII German pistols, and couldn't pass them up. A beautiful P-38, matching holster with extra mag, and a FN 32, also with matching holster and extra mag..$300 bucks for the pair.... How did I do???
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    I'm jealous. I disagree with your wife.

  3. c3shooter

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    Explain to your wife you bought them because you love her. Lately, standard investments are dropping like a lead balloon- but collector quality firearms have increased at a rate INVERSE to the market. You probably got those at 50% of their resale value, depending on condition, markings, yadayadayada. Hang on to them for a few years, and triple your money. Know of a CD that will do that? :D
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    Nice score...

    Are either of the pistols waffen proofmarked ? Are the major parts serial numbered alike ? Do you have any pics yet...I sure like to hear more about them.

    I own a Spreewerk ( CYQ ) P-38 made in 1942 that came with the original Nazi leather holster...2 mags serial numbered to the gun...with a very low serial number ( 24x)...waffen stamped ( eagle over 359 ) among other proof marks


    A Fabrique Nationale ( FN ) Hi-Power P-35 from 1936 that also has matching serial numbers on the frame, slide, and original leather flap holster...two 13 round magazines...waffen stamped ( WaA140 )...and a four digit serial number ( 43xx ).


    Here is a pic of the P-38...

    [​IMG]'s a pretty accurate shooter too !!
  5. .22hustler

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    Both guns have the German eagle on them The P-38 is all matching #'s. The FN was a little rusty in spots but cleaned up very well. I even have the original owners orders allowing him to bring them home, so I know they're "clean". I would never purchase anything illegal no matter how rare..I'm a little new to posting pictures here but the P-38 is a kissing cousin to the one shown. They are going to go to a licensed gunsmith/FFL dealer so we can have them legally put on my wife's permit. These guns haven't been out of the original owners house since 1945. Or permitted for that matter. The #'s have to be run to make sure they are not stolen, of course.
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    Is the P38 the hard shell holster, or the soft one? If it is a hard shell, in excellent shape, it will probably sell for the $300 you paid, maybe more. Just the holster, alone.

    The capture papers add value as well. And if the spare P38 mag is matching, it will add extra value.

    You did very well on your deal, and your wife should be proud. You just made a wise investment that will pay dividends in the years to come.
  7. .22hustler

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    The holster is black, and soft. I haven't checked the extra mag for numbers.I'm going to take the guns to my FFL so the numbers can be run, state law, to check to see if they were stolen ,but I know they're clean.
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    You stole them. Tell the wife it is an investment.
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    Congrats, sounds like you got a great deal. Would like to see pictures of your new finds it would help in putting value to them