Navy Seal Foundation SR1911

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Olympus, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Olympus

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    Just saw my first one at a LGS yesterday. I initially thought it was a gorgeous gun until they took it out of the case and let me play with it. Completely changed my mind.
    The gun just looks cobbled together from parts. Nothing on the gun looks like it matches the rest of the pistol. The slide has a gorgeous gloss bluing, but only on the flats. The top of the slide is matte. There are gold inlays on the slide behind the serrations that look out of place on the gun. The frame is completely matte, even the flats. So it doesn't look like it belongs with the slide. Slide to frame fit was noticeably loose and the grip safety was terribly loose and rattled side to side.

    For $1115, I was very unimpressed with the gun. Anyone else seen or handled one of these?
  2. Sniper03

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    I saw one myself! In my opinion it is a funky looking pistol as you have stated. I sure would have thought being the Navy Seal Model they could have done a whole lot better! Would I buy one? NOT!:(


  3. limbkiller

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    I have seen only one but it wasn't the tightest gun. As far as the top of the slide not being blue NO guns are unless you request that from a custom shop. Glare from a shiny slide on top is frowned upon on the top of 1911's. Not a good thing. Is it worth the money . AHHHHHHHH maybe.