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    So I was at the local gun shop this weekend and saw a reproduction Navy 1851 cap and ball revolver. I've been looking at stuff online and I'm thinking it would be a lot of fun. I've never shot a blackpowder hand gun, fired a couple blackpowder rifles, but had them loaded for me. I know very little about blackpowder so I though I would ask for some pointers on it.
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    I bought a replica of a Remington 1858 New Model Army Revolver just a few months ago. The one thing I was warned about that wasn't apparent, was to make sure to put the bore butter over the balls after loading. One chamber can ignite the others and you'll have all the chambers going off! :O

    Stay safe!

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    The Sacred Black is not for everybody, but it's fun and can be addicting. It's also much simpler than it initially seems. Just take your time and be safe. There's a lot of mythology, so do your fact checking. It's best if you can talk to a few folks that shoot black powder.
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    Buy and READ LYMAN's Black Powder Handbook.

    Do a few searches on You Tube, and you will find some good instructional video's on loading.

    Use "over powder" lubricated felt wads over the powder and under the ball, and you should not need to add Bore Buter over the balls.

    The internet is a great source for information. Google "Black Powder" and find and read everything you can find relating to BP pistols.

    Do not underestimate or ignore cleaning. It is not as bad as many people make it out to be, but you DO have to clean your pistol every time.
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    Those cap and ball revolvers are a blast (pun intended).

    Most important is to read the instruction booklet. Do not overload the powder. Use only approved powder and proper sized balls. Clean after each use. Also, after you get one, make sure you clean and dry everything including the nipples.

    Oh, did I mention to read the instruction booklet? All of it. More than once...learn it, live it, love it. :D