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  1. Trez

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    I found this site and thought it was interesting.. Its a Native seed site using ancient plants from the southwest and Mexico. They have a wide variety of seeds, food bearing, teas, ornamental, tobacco, and more! Its a neat site I encourage you to give a look...
    I live out in AZ and it would be nice to have a garden using native plants that are adapted to the desert and dont use tons of water...

    Native Seeds/SEARCH
  2. Firearms4ever

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    That's a pretty nice site. I might just order some seeds from them this winter for spring and summer next year.

  3. Caoimhin

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    Many of us at work here have used this site to buy seeds the last few years. I don't think you will be disappointed. The flavors of the food are beyond good. You will want to increase your garden every year. The Hopi Casaba melon is so good with vanilla ice cream. Yields are less than hybrid seeds. They do great in my New Mexico climate.