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National Match upgrade: how much is too much?

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I have an M1a, which will be my next special project. It's a standard, nothing-special old service rifle I got at an auction. It cost me $950. I'm not so much concerned about the rifle's value going up or down. I'm kicking around what to do with it still, but I'm leaning towards getting some national match upgrades—sights, piston, trigger. But at what point is it smarter to just get a national match M1A? Like how much difference does a NM barrel make?
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Thanks Dillinger. I was hoping an M1a expert would come to my aid. Anyway, your 2cents is still helpful nonetheless.
Thanks Fragout. I just got it, so i haven't had time to do the whole gun porn photo shoot thing. I'll get that out this weekend.

I'm not a competitive shooter, I just like my rifles at their best in accuracy and distance. Then it just might make a good hunting rifle. We'll see.

I really like how you built your custom. Very methodical. Your rifle and mine are very different, considering yours is a 16" tactical model. So I'll have to get some more information from the folks at Springfield I suppose. Wish me luck!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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