Narrowed down the search.

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by dpowers311, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. dpowers311

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    Ok went to 2 gun shops today and think I have it narrowed down.
    FNP9, CZ75BD, and sig SP2022. All are 9mm.

    I don't know much about FN, customer service. The de-cocker and safety feels like it is to easy to move. It is lite and fells great in the hand.

    CZ is metal, feels good in the hand, have to reach to release the slide(short thumbs).

    Sig is a little bulky in the hand but has other grips that come with it. Has light. Holds 10 rounds

    Heard mostly good and some bad but if you dig you can find bad in every gun.

    The FN is in the middle CZ is highest are priced very close, the Sig is lowest. $100 separates lowest and highest.

    Interested in what others have to say but I think I know what one I am buying.

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  2. willfully armed

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    FN is a decent gun. JSE Surplus has them for $399 new.

    Sig, well... its a new sig. Enough said. Shoulda got an HK.

    I think you'd be best suited with the CZ.

  3. Axxe55

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    dave, if you have a gun range where you could rent and try all them out, actually shooting them, this might be the way to make the final decision. $100 in difference isn't that much when you make the best decision on whats best for you. all of your choices are very good guns and it just comes down to what works best for you. good luck in your decision.
  4. boomenshutzen

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    I love love love my CZ. About the only complaint I have with it is the factory sights are just ok. Everything else is fantastic.

    I handled an FNX9 at the store. It was very nice too, but the ergonomics of the CZ were much better for me.

    If the Sig feels "a little bulky" I'd skip it. I bought a Glock that felt "a little bulky" thinking I'd get used to it. Big mistake. I sold that gun about 6 months later.

    Handguns are very personal, though, so pick whichever one feels most natural in your hand. All the models you mentioned are good quality so trust your gut and you can't go wrong.
  5. Werminator

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    I agree with Boomen on this one. The 3 you listed are all very solid performers... To be honest you could jump on youtube and watch Nutnfancy's reviews of all 3 of those weapons and you will be overwhelmed with how much he looks into the various attributes of all of them. I personally am saving up for an FNP-40 as I already own a Ruger SR9 (caliber variety isn't necessary but if I can convince the wife they are different it is more acceptable to let go of some money!). If I were shopping I would do the FN or the CZ but there probably isn't anything wrong with the Sig either. One thing to consider though is included accessories. FN included 3 mags with their FNP line where as I think the other two brands only include 2 mags... In some cases that extra mag is a $40.00 accessory... The FN would have also come with interchangeable straps to customize the feel of the grip... All good choices but there are my 2 cents...
  6. Paperpuncher

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    I have the Sig and it holds 15. Also that was probably the medium grip on the gun, it also ships with the small one also. It's no big deal to swap them.

    Mine has been a decent shooter, with a great trigger.