name of a black and white movie....

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    Ok guys here we go....

    When I was a teenager I happend to watch a black and white movie about this scientist that nobody took serious. He met this other guy who introduce him to somebody who can help him. He ended up selling his soul to Lucifer. He tried to back out of the deal but they didn't let him. That is all I remember.

    Does any of you know which movie I'm talking about? If so may I have the name for the movie. I have been wondering about this movie for a long time. And please if you don't nothing about it don't waste time and post stupid comments. Ex. " I don't know the movie".
    Thanks in advance brothers.
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    About what year are we talking about and do you remember any of the actors names?

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    Yeah...we don't know when you were a teenager. Narrow it down by telling us what decade that was in and we'll try to help you with that.
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    Not exactly sure but it does sound a bit like Faust it has been done many times throughout the years.
    But if you'd like to see a similar film try: Doctor Faustus Starring: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor
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    It's "Faust". I remember the scene where the contract bursts into flames best. You may want to watch "Metropolis" if you liked "Faust". The artistry achieved by early film makers puts the garbage we are subjected to these days to shame.
    Then, watch "Eraserhead". Blinkx Video: Movie Powder presents Eraserhead