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    Hello all


    Is the Nagant Revolver worth near $80.00 wholeslae! ABSOULTY! I don't own one, but once I get my mags for my PA-63 set and some bulk 9MM Makarov ammo, that nagant Revolver might be a nice Christmas gift I'll ask the wife to get me? OH and you do know ammo for it, 7.62Nagant is high as a cats back, right? Near 32.00 bucks a box? I know a guy that has one and shoots 32 Long in it, other has a cylinder to fire 32 ACP in it, but had to have the cylinder fitted? All that matters when you use the Revolver? Is it worth it, YUP< is it cheap to shoot? NO! Most come with a Nice Holster, a cleaning rd and a hell of a lot of History! Get one and enjoy it!

    RON L

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    Russian Nagant pistol

    I have one and I like it for the history of the gun. I've seen it as cheap as about 60 dollars on line recently, I paid 100 for mine, and I've seen them higher than that too. has a Nagant forum, and you can see a lot of people collect them, some guys have one for each year from 1895 up to late '40's. Mine was made in 1931. It's not a strong shooter, very close to .32. The ammo is a little high, I don't shoot it much, but I like to say "I have a piece of Russian history." I think any time you can buy a hand gun for under a 100 dollars, and it will shoot, you can't go wrong. Frank
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    Next week I'm going to buy my SECOND Nagant revolver. And like the first one, I'm also going to get the aftermarket .32 ACP cylinder -- but not to shoot the ACP round. I know a gunsmith in Texas who can re-work the aftermarket cylinder so it will also handle all of the rimmed .32 rounds without the buldged cases or other hazzards that arise from trying to shoot them through the original cylinder.

    Once the re-work is done on the aftermarket cylinder, and assuming you also kept your original one, you'll have a pistol than can shoot all these rounds safely: .32 Short, .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, .32 ACP and the original 7.62X38R, which at least three different ammo makers are now producing.

    In these days of woe and want with respect to ammunition availability, it makes good sense to own a revolver that can shoot six different kinds of ammunition through the same barrel. And the pistols themselves are still relatively plentiful and cheap.

    In the perpetual consumer balancing act, weighing what we get versus what we're asked to pay --- here's one deal where you couldn't go wrong if you tried!
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    Not real familiar with the Nagant, but seem to remember ammunition can be made from the .32-20 cases. The round is very similiar to the .32-44 Smith and Wesson, as I recall.

    Bob Wright