Nagant pistol ammo.

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  1. Benning Boy

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    Does a semi-decent defense round exist for this gun? Even the Russian stuff I've been able to scrounge is semi-wadcutter.

    I truly can't imagine this weapon in war, especially in a trench. I love this gun, but it doesn't scream "power".
  2. ScottG

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    You might be able to go to the much more powerful .32 ACP. :D There are cylinders available to swap with the original 7.62. Don't know if you need to do any work or just drop it in. I was considering buying one at one time because of the price, but the ammo is rather expensive if you want new. It also seems to be SWC.

    M1895 Nagant Revolver Parts & Accessories

  3. Benning Boy

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    While I certainly don't reccomend it, .32 magnums fit, and fire, in the existing cylinder. However, your cases will bulge.

    I've seen the .32 auto cylinders, but they cost nearly as much as the pistol itself.

    Damn shame.
  4. c3shooter

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    Sorta like looking for good long range .25 ACP. Sort of an oxymoron. The Nagant power/weight/diameter just does not really lend itself readily to good stopping power. Of course, if Axel gives you some of his Plutonium Nitrate rounds........:)

    WILDCATT Guest


    the ammo can be made using 32/20.the bullet is completely in side the case.I believe it is on pare or slightly more power than 32.the 32 cylinders are way more expensive as gun sells for $79.:eek: :rolleyes: :D
  6. rodericksenterjr

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    I bought one of those aftermarket cylinders for the Nagant pistol, the ones that say they can shoot .32ACP. Then I discovered a gunsmith in Texas who claimed they could re-bore the aftermarket cylinder to be able to handle all of the rimmed .32 rounds as well as the ACP round for which it was designed. And they did! I routinely shoot .32H&R Magnum rounds through the new cylinder without buldging or split casings or any other issues, and they work just great.

    I'll be having them re-work another aftermarket Nagant cylinder for me next week. True, they aren't exactly inexpensive to buy, and the re-work will run upward of $50.00 to do --- but once it's done, you'll have a pistol that can shoot .32 S&W short, regular, long and magnum, as well as the original Nagant round (assuming you kept your original cylinder also), which itself is becoming less expensive and more plentiful in the marketplace.

    This should also answer your question about a semi-decent defense round with the Nagant pistol. Except for graduates of the "T'ain't no good if'n it cain't shoot down a 747" school of handgunning, hollow-pointed .32 H&R Magnums have more than enough power for most any self defense scenario. I know I wouldn't want to be on the business end of them!
  7. ParrotHead

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    32 S&W longs should shoot OK in that
  8. Bigdog57

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    I've had my shooting buddy (and handloading mentor) here at work loading my Nagant rounds - we use reformed .32-20. At the average loading of 750FPS using a cast lead bullet (95 grains or thereabouts) it isn't exactly Magnum level. Our bullets are loaded normally, protruding from the case. The .32-20 shell is too short to achieve the gas seal, so why worry about it?
    It seems the original military loading topped 1000FPS (not by much!), so our loads are of the light plinker variety - great on steel swinger targets!
    I am finally gearing up to load it myself. Have 100 of the cast lead bullets, and found two 100-piece boxes of Hornady .312 100-grain HP-XTP bullets for a decent price at my local Sportsman's Warehouse. So, high-end 'defense ammo' in an old Nagant? Even if they don't expand like they ought, it'll still keep me shooting the quaint little revolver. I am starting to set up for casting, but that'll take awhile yet.
    And, I have other handguns for defense. Still I sure wouldn't want to stop one of those XTPs even at Nagant velocities. :D