N.R. Davis Side by Side and H&R Model 348

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    Greetings, all. I am new here and just wanted to pose a question to anyone who is willing to offer his or her opinion(s)!
    I recently received an N.R. Davis & Sons side-by-side and a Harrington & Richardson Model 348 (bolt-action 12 ga.! Cool!) that belonged to my grandfather/great grandfather. Each have simply sat in a safe for the better part of 50 years (or longer). Neither is in the best shape visually (though mechanically they seem pretty sound), so I intend to at least clean them up, though I may never shoot them (or should I?!).
    My (second) question is, should I bother to re-finish the stocks and/or re-blue the barrels to pretty them up a little, or should I just leave them in the condition they have come to be in over the years?
    It seems neither is terribly valuable monetarily (though they hold a lot of sentimental value for me), so I'm just looking for some opinions from all you experts out there!
    Thanks a million in advance. I'll try to put some pics on here if anyone is interested.
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    Since they have stayed is the family so long i dont see no harm in cleaning them up and refinishing them and passing them to your kids later on down the road to keep them in the family. If they are mechanically sound i dont see a problem with shooting them and enjoying your family history.:)

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    +1 on that^^
    I'm interested in pics. :)