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[ame=""]Mything The Busters: Shotgun; To Aim Or Not To Aim[/ame]

This is to counter You Don't Have to Aim a Shotgun Mythbusting VIDEO

He is schooling us on shotgun spread without even discussing choke or other barrel types. It makes me wonder if he even knows about chokes or slug barrels.

Using a slug barrel shooting 6 shot at 7 yards makes a pattern the size of the entire torso target. I've done it! At 40 feet the pattern was 8 feet.
I need to borrow a slug barreled shotgun to display.

One reason you don't need to "aim" is that your barrel is so long that most people can instinctively point it from the hip with acceptable SD accuracy. I don't practice, yet my first shot was perfect center chest.

Another reason, as I have mentioned; what barrel and ammo you use is important. My full choke is the worst shotgun to use in a self defense situation because of the tight spread.
But even if I miss a direct chest hit with the full choke, it would about tear an arm off; literally devastating.

You say, "But not everyone can hit at 7 yards."
As everyone suggests with any firearms training, "Practice, practice, practice." Even though I needed no practice to hit every single time.

There is no question in my mind, that shooting from the hip with a shotgun is a viable home defense strategy... but better go to bed wearing earplugs. :eek:
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