Myth #26 Busted

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    SG it still boils down to taste. If you like it, drink it. I am not a fan of Bourbon. I have tasted some very good Bourbons, and you ca]n identify the quality and class, but I don’t like them enough to drink them.

    I worked with a guy who drinks Johnny Walker Blue with club soda. This stuff is around $200 for a 750 ml. If I have it I drink it neat. It is very smooth.

    I once had an uncle (dead now who would not serve someone good whiskey if they mixed anything other than ice or water with it. That started a few contentious discussions.
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    Even without the experiment, basic physics dictates the semi will be slower. It's conservation of energy. Cycling the action requires energy. The only place that energy comes from is the energy stored in the primer and powder. That energy used is not available for moving the bullet.

    It was cool to see some real life numbers.

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    With the possible exception of direct blow back most bullets have left the barrel before the action opens. An eye opener was the difference in velocity from revolving rifles. The drop was significant.
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    It seems you may have dispelled another myth in the process , ever since shooting the first Ruger Standard , MKI and MKII pistols we were told ....

    " If you place both thumbs behind the bolt of a Ruger MKI or MKII held the bolt closed and fired the gun the bolt would break off both of your thumbs ! "

    Are you telling me I can hold the bolt closed, with one thumb and fire the gun with 22 LR ammo and not damage my thumb ???? What does it feel like ?
    I have believed this my entire life , repeated the warning for decades and out of fear have never tried it...I need my thumbs.... I can't believe it's just been horse hockey ...non truth and false information.....Another Myth bites the dust !

    I appreciate all the data you posted but I'm no good at figuring out what all those numbers mean... I got a headache trying to figure it out.
    Could you tell me in simple terms what was proven ?
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    To me, the quality of a .22 is not measured by how well it shoots with $20/box Eley or RWS, but how well it shoots with $8.99 per 500 round "bulk pack" on sale at Wal-Mart.
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    While I agree with the sentiment- it also tells me that it has likely been a while since you bought .22 ammo. :eek:
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    I did this on accident with a Jennings 22 when i was 9 or 10 years old. I was trying to find a better grip to steady myself & put my thumb right over the back of the slide. It pushed my thumb back & the slide scuffed across my thumbprint. It hurt for a minute, i said "well better not do that again," and i continued shooting with thumb bones still intact.
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    Hold your thumb real strong on the slide, and you get a slight push. Think of it this way, it isn't any more force than to rack the slide to manually chamber a round.