Mystic Massacre in Pequot War

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    Whereupon Captain Mason seeing no Indians, entred
    a Wigwam; where he was beset with many Indians,
    waiting all opportunities to lay Hands on him,
    but could not prevail. At length William Heydon
    espying the Breach in the Wigwam, supposing some
    English might be there, entred; but in his Entrance
    fell over a dead Indian; but speedily recovering himself,
    the Indians some fled, others crept under their
    Beds: The Captain going out of the Wigwam saw
    manyIndians in the Laneor Street; he making towards
    them, they fled, were pursued to the End of the Lane,
    where they were met by Edward Pattison, Thomas
    Barber, with some others; where seven of them were
    Slain, as they said. The Captain facing about, Marched
    a slow Pace up the Lane he came down, perceiving
    himself very much out of Breath; and coming to the
    other End near the Place where he first entred, saw
    two Soldiers standing close to the Paflizado with their
    Swords pointed to the Ground: The Captain told them
    that We should never kill them after that manner:
    The Captain also said, We must Burn them; and im-
    mediately stepping into the Wigwam where he had
    been before, brought out a Firebrand, and putting it
    into the Matts with which they were covered, set the
    Wigwams on Fire. Lieutenant Thomas Bull and Nicholas
    Omsted beholding, came up; and when it was
    thoroughly kindled, the Indians ran as Men most
    dreadfully Amazed.
    And indeed such a dreadful Terror did the Almighty
    let fall upon their Spirits, that they would fly from us
    and run into the very Flames, where many of them
    perished. And when the Fort was thoroughly Fired,
    Command was given, that all should fall off and surround
    the Fort; which was readily attended by all;
    only one Arthur Smith being so woundedthat he could
    not move out of the Place, who was happily espied by
    Lieutenant Bull, and by him rescued.
    The Fire was kindled on the North East Side to
    windward; which did swiftly over-run the Fort, to the
    extream Amazementof the Enemy, and greatRejoycing
    of our selves. Some of them climbing to the Top of
    the Pallizado; others of them running into the very
    Flames; many of them gathering to windward, lay
    pelting at us with their Arrows; and we repayed them
    with our small Shot: Others of the Stoutest issued
    forth, as we did guess, to the Number of Forty, who
    perished by the Sword.

    By Major John Mason from his account of the Pequot War's Mystic Massacre, Connecticut Colony, 1637
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    Part of King Phillips War. A huge piece of American history not taught outside of New England. Probably not even there now.

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    Didn't this happen because the native americans didn't want to obey someone else's laws being forced onto them?
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    Pretty sure that's how all of the major and minor Indian conflicts have started I could be wrong though
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    For a very good account of King Philips War, read Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick.
    Probably the best account of the entire affair from the pilgrims going to Holland, then the New World, what happened in the few short years from the time they landed and created Plimouth to the the war with Masasoit's son, Squanto (King Philip), and the tribes aligned with him.
    Amazingly researched and very well presented.
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    I think this was a very early precursor to hostilities in the region and I probably wouldn't include it in King Phillip's War per se. As for the root cause, a common thread I see is encroachment, a form of eminent domain, and ultimately natives commiting atrocities only to face permanent reprisal.
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    You are correct sir! Metacom didn't get restless for a few more years.