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    I've got one for you shot gun guru's.

    A co worked inherited a side by side that I've never hear of.
    It has the following markings:
    Top of both barrels: ARMAS "BOST" EIBAR MADE IN SPAIN
    Under side of both barrels: 4 different proof marks, SN 2474 "Matches receiver and forend.
    Receiver: Silver color, highly engraved, w floral and nature scenes.
    Break open switch is deep blue w/gold symbol that reads DL GOIS
    Trigger: Single, silver color with "MILLER" stamped on both sides
    Stock: Appears to be Black Walnut, finely checkered
    Forend" Same Black Walnut appearance, highly checkered with a black metal insert.
    See PICS
    I'd appreciate any info on this gun.


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    This is what yahoo pulled up, go to shotgunworld link that I have posted. I looked at an old link from Gunbroker they had 20 ga and 12 ga models. • View topic - BOST SxS Date? - Any info on a sxs 12 gauge made by armas bost eibar


    These Shotguns Are very Rare and are starting to get the attention from serious collectors.

    Bost shotguns are Manufactured in Eibar Spain and are all hand made.

    The scroll work on the metal and etching in the wood are done by hand and not stamped.

    Not to be confused with Boss company of England.

    There are five gun manufacturer's in the Basque town of Eibar Spain within walking distance of each other.

    Most of the Bost rifles and shotguns were made and custom fitted for clients who wanted the quality of a hand made rifle pistol or shotgun But didnt want to spend fifty thousand dollars and wait three years as you would for a Boss.

    A Bost shotgun can range in the range of $200 to $3000 depending on the condition of the gun and the detail of the design.

    They are a tight gun well built and have the guild stamped of the craftsmen that built it on the barrels,frame or recievers.

    Some will have the initials of the owner it was commisioned for.

    Spainish Firearms are not the most desired firearms in the world but they make some nice ones. It depends on your taste.

    Some people would never own a Reminton or a Belgium made firearm I hope this helped you out a little more.

    Remember they are very rare here in the U.S
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    Tell him I'll trade him a brand new Remington 870 Express straight up for it and pay the postage--I know I'm losing on that deal but I like to make people happy...:p
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    Missleman......I just joined up here today (3/21/13), cause doing a google search on a shotgun I have, led me to this post.

    Ironically, I see that you are from Omaha, and (me too). I was born and raised there and spent 35 years there. Back in those days, (late 60's as I recall), I purchased a used 10 gauge double from a local Locksmith Company run by a couple of Brothers......Can't recall the name.

    Anyway, This is a Spanish double that says Du Bois Arms Co. Omaha, Nbr. on the barrel. It is a 3 1/2 10 gauge magnum. I'm interested in selling it, do you or others know what the value of it may be.:confused: