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    Looking for info or translation of this sealed ammo spam can, inherited it in a collection from a cousin of mine a long time ago. From my research i’m pretty sure it is Taiwan “60A” is the factory number but i could not find what the rest means. Found one similar post on the internet but did not divulge much information, and it was a 10+ year old post. Also looking for value if anyone has seen this kind of thing sell in recent times. Thanks!

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    Translated by a Chinese citizen:

    Normal round, type m2., 30 cal. Semi automatic rifle, made in China (no country, guess Taiwan)
    Lot 60A-9-127
    Installed 264 rounds, (8 cans folder)
    Cannot be used as food dress

    His personal comment: looks like it was a long time ago.

    Something always gets lost in the translation, so draw your own conclusions. That said, 264÷8=33. If the ammunition is 30-06 packed in stripper clips for M1 garand, it all (tee hee) makes sense.
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