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New release out for both the MyGunDB Desktop version and the MyGunDB Go Android app!

Changes for the Desktop app:

* A&D and BATF Changelog sort corrected
* Fixed Inventory report to use ID #
* Added a checkbox on Edit screen to designate a firearm as personally owned.
* Added Filter options to display only Personal or Non-Personal firearms.
* Fixed Stats display in Statusbar and Stats tab Includes accessories in the values, not just firearms.
* Fixed Ammo Additional Data lines not being printed for other entries when first row didn't have any
* Added Total Rounds in inventory count on Ammo tab which displays All rounds, or only matching caliber if that display option is selected on Ammo tab
* Fixed Sync menu options to display when using OSX
* Pictures now included with syncing and the Backup/Restore menu options

And for MyGunDB Go:
* Fixed image count and current image number after adding new image.
* Model and Type display properly swapped in edit and Spinner display
* States are now listed in a Dropdown
* Password request screen now pops up if you have one set and your screen shuts off or you come back from another app
* Added ability to use Camera to add pic
* dates on the Purchase/Sold tab now use a date selector
* Adding new firearm puts you in Edit mode for it automatically
* Re-added export to .csv file
* Prevent changing tabs when editing data
* Fixed handling apostrophes in data when saving
* Added icons for buttons
* Pictures now included with Syncing!
* Accessories can be attached or detached
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