Mybe i can be of help..Im a damascus Bladesmith

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by wildgeese, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. wildgeese

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    i found a niche it seams a abs school trained damascus bladesmith and studied under a long list of masters and great knife makers since i started in 1986..

    feel free to ask any question for im not of the school of "im sorry ,thats a state secret" bs that a few and bad knife makers throw....

    there are 2 schools of knife makeing.....bladesmithing where i forge knives from steel

    or stock removal or grinders grinding away what they do not

    ill do both but im mainly a bladesmith as if done right makes a better knife.

    fyi..a little background...jim hisrioulas taught me to make my first knife..then i needed more knowledge.

    In 1987 i went to the ABS (american bladesmith soc) school in hope ark..took a class from Jim Crowell and Jerry Fisk..1988 a damascus class from the (late) Bill those two years some of my fellow anvil mates in the classes that stuck with it are masters now...Tim Hancock,Burt Gaston.Heavey name a few...being around many of these smiths i got to meet others great ones. As at the time i was living in san diego area i got in with the calif knifemakers group out of greater L.A. main teacher was the fantastic knife maker the late Bob friend..I was as far as i know the only Bladesmith to study under and at the late Bob Loveless shop/home for many months and learn alot from bob and Jim Merrit a fantastic guy who made 98% of loveless knives ..I got to meet and learn from so many that i cherish it alot...

    As i say i can learn from others ..mybe its only a products or a item or where to get something or how to do this or that..and sometime how NOT to do it...knowledge is a base you add too in order to get better hopefully.

    remember there are not dumb questions only ones not asked.
  2. trip286

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    Several here have made knives by stock removal. I just finished my second one tonight. Glad to have you aboard, I may hit you up for a blade someday. Been kind of a dream for me to have a hand forged Damascus knife. Bigger dream to do it myself.

  3. rhyno13

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    I have a damascus knife made by Tai Goo that I was lucky enough to get.
  4. CA357

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    Very cool. I'm sure that your knowledge will be sought and your brain picked. ;)
  5. griffin81

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    Glad to have you with us.
    Please post some pictures of some of your blades. We love some nice knife pictures.