My wife can now shoot a 1911 dead on

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Dearhunter, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Dearhunter

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    I started my wife out on a .38 special revolver. Then Glock 9mm. auto, Now she moves to a Colt gold cup .45ACP 1911 and nails the target. It took her a while to get the hang of the recoil, but she got it. At 30ft she puts all 7 rounds in a bright orange stick on 6 inch target!!

    She is ft 2 and 110 lb school teacher and can handle the 1911 like a pro and not afraid to take care of business if needed.

    Kinda proud of her!!
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  2. indy36

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    That's great! Gold Star award for her. Tell me about how you got her to get interested in shooting because my wife has none.

  3. tshoot91

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    When my girlfriend and I were choosing carry pistols we shot a wide range of different pieces. A buddy has mine has a low end full size 1911. At first she was a bit nervous of its size and "imagined recoil" (what she expected from such a large round). When she finally pulled the trigger, I'm pretty sure she feel in love. She realized that the size and weight really helped counter balance the recoil; she refused to believe me when I was trying to tell her this :rolleyes:.
    Although I hate to admit it, on that particular day she shot it better than I did. :eek:
    On the way home, she went on and on about how she really liked the action, the hammer, and the safety. The only negative was the size. ( She has the smallest hands I've ever seen next to my sister).
    Within a week we were at our LGS and she decided on a Sig P938. Same ergos as the 1911, scaled down to the size of my hand, and chambered in 9mm. I thank the Lord that I've been blessed with a women that understands the concept of "you get what you pay for".
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    A lot of folks think a 1911 is punishing to shoot but it really is not that bad because of teh relatively low bore axis and weight of the pistol itself. The grip angle, thickness, trigger reach, and shor trigger travel make it a pretty easy gun to shoot well. If she did fairly well with the other handguns, then I'm not too surprised that she did even better with a 1911. A lot of it is just getting them to try it. My wife had a fairly similar experience. She just had a hard time actually getting over the size of the rounds intimidating her. Once she finally fired my 1911, she found that she really liked it and did very well with it.
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    DeerHunter, better not make her mad!:eek:

    but seriously, that's great! my wife loves shooting my various 1911's. the recoil doesn't bother her one bit. actually her favorite cartridge is the 40 S&W round! she loves pistols chambered in it. i like the 40, but could live with it or without it. she's part of the reason i will probably always keep one now. but in a pinch, she can handle the 45 just fine.
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    That's cool, I'm not dead on with any gun, not even rifles. Lol