My Weapons choices for a SHTF

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    One cannot prepare for every type of scenario in a SHTF situation, there are just to many what if’s to be ready for them all. So we must look closely at the more then likely SHTF situations that would hold more possibilities then others.

    Deciding on the weapons to take if I have to up and leave my house in order to survive will mostly be subject to the type of SHTF that happens. The scenarios I see as of right now happening I have decided on the best weapons to take with me.

    1. Howa 1500 (308/7.62nato)
    2. .17 HMR or .22 lr
    3. .45 auto

    The Howa is for bringing down two and four-legged game at a distance. It is not for conduction open warfare with. Remembering that with this Howa I can acquire a lot of ammo and other weapons suited for combat is something that must remain in the forefront of my thoughts.

    The .17 HMR/.22 lr are for small game, which will probably be what one will survive on anyway. Deer will be hunted out real fast in a SHTF situation so what will be left will most likely be in the small game category.

    The .45 auto is not an assault weapon, if one believes a handgun is for fighting a war with I do not want to be around them at all. The .45 is a personal defensive weapon only.

    The amount of ammo I will take goes something like this and may vary a little.

    .17 HMR/.22 lr x 500
    .45 auto x 50

    If a SHTF scenario happens where it would be better to sit tight at home and defend my abode I have other choices for that.

    Cetme 308/7.62 NATO
    SKS 7.62x39
    .45 auto
    12-gauge pump shotgun

    The Cetme will be the hard hitting, medium range, and heavy firepower rifle for most of the work protecting what I got.

    The SKS will be a back up to the Cetme

    The 12-gauge shotgun is for close quarter defensive use.

    The .45 auto will again be for personal protection.

    Sense this is for home defense I can stock as much ammo as I think I will need.

    If the scenario is the type where open warfare is being conducted with American troops and civilians fighting the evil U.N. troops and maybe a 1.5 million civilian army then I am sure the military will be more then happy to supply me with all the ammo and a good M4 to use. If they are strapped for weapons and ammo I can use my SKS, and .45 auto and have some fun with it.

    The one thing that I have really decided that is a must have in all these scenarios is, toilet paper. I am not wiping my *** on leaves, corn cobs, bark from trees or my hand. So I will have a few cases of good old Charmin.

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    Very well thought out Opaww. Personally I'd stay away from the .17s though and would have a hard time deciding between the .22LR and the .22 magnum. The .22 magnum would, in a pinch, be enough for headshots on deer, while the fmj don't tear up edible small game any worse than .22LR hv.

    I'd also add spices to the list. it makes a world of difference to really enjoy cooking anything compared to the game being as bland as can be. Extra medicine is a MUST if you're on it. Potatoes properly stored makes for a wide variety of delicious dishes for sides. Naturally bottled water or water filters is at the top of any list.

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    If I HAD to leave?
    My A-2 AR with two different rounds (one for defense, one for game)
    My Remington 870
    My Ruger 10/22
    I already have a b.o.b. with enough to sustain me for a while.

    Thing is, I would end up being mounted cavalry. I have a slick set up for the horses to be able to bug out and be well supplied and armed for an unspecified amount of time.

    If I were to stay put, I (with the aid of my neighbors and friends) will own this particular piece of the valley. My neighbor to the north is a deputy and my neighbor to the south is a paramedic. We all agree that being prepared is what allows you to live well even if being cut off from society. To that extent we have formed what I could only describe as a survival co-op. Generators, animals, guns, ammo, huge gardens, wives who like canning everything from fruit to meat, guns, ammo, chickens, water supplies, plenty of game, and did I mention.......guns!
    Staying put is the best option for me as it allows me acces to my arsenal that consists of some pretty sick large bore bolt action stuff and a nice collection of AR's. Not to mention the shotguns and the big bore muzzle loaders. I have a blunderbuss that is really good at shooting a handful of cut nails. At close range, you dont need more than one shot!!
    So it is here in the Chenango river valley that I will stake my claim and build my castle. It is here that I will defend to my last breath!