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    Ive seen a few want list posts so I figure ill put mine up. I have a ol' 1895 im looking to sell or trade, so this could be a good time to get something I really wanted..
    Any comments, suggestions would be welcomed.. Is there something you think id like and didnt list, put it up! I would like to know a ballpark value as well, so if I happen to come across something.....

    International Harvester M1 Garand- My favorite gun made by my favorite company... 'Nuff said....

    P1917- A friend of mine has one. Its a little heavy, but seems to be a nice rifle. My friends is in perfect condition, and willing to sell it, but it has a $1000 price tag because he really doesnt ;)

    1903 (Prefer Sniper variant) With the two mentioned above it would be nice to have a scoped 30-06, and im not really into sporting rifles.... I was reading Korea era sniper '03 go for $700-$800 less than the WWII ones, which I would prefer as my grandpa served in Korea, how do I tell the difference? I know where a normal '03 made in 1933 is, but he wants $800 for it.

    Russian SVD (Tigr) I already have a sniper Mosin, and it would be sweet to have its replacement. I have a "thing" for Russian guns and want the actual Dragunov, not a PSL.

    Military 1911- Its gotta be a actual military one.. I already tried to trade the 1895 for a pre-A1 1911, but it was on consignment and they said they couldnt do it... The 1911 was $1200

    Krag- I hear it has one of the weakest actions, but the magazine setup is awesome, you can turn the mag "off" to allow shooting a single round at a time and save the 5 rounds in your mag. The door on the side is neat to you just open it and dump the rounds in, the bolt doesnt need to be open and you dont have to empty the mag before reloading. I heard that Danish and Norwegian Krags are stronger than the US ones, again, how do I tell the difference? As a added bonus im already setup to reload .30-40 US (thanks to the '95!)

    A another Arisaka- I love my type 99, so why not another? I would like to see how the 6.5 shoots compared to the 7.7.. Of course if I were so lucky to come across a sniper version, that wouldnt be so bad.... Theres a 6.5 Type I with the mum in a local shop for about $500

    Russian contract Win 1895- The same rifle im looking to get rid of, but in 7.62x54r!! Can be loaded with Mosin clips. How cool would a lever action "Mosin" be !!

    A Mauser of some sort? Theres so many kinds, where do I even start? Oh yeah, did I say like sniper rifles? :p

    Japanese Military handgun? Might as have one to go with the Arisaka....

    Maybe a WWII Japanese Sword? Just plan awesome....

    Russian Military handgun? I dont really care, but again gotta be a Russian one... Nagant revolver? Takarov? Makarov?
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    I include several of you items on my wish list. My firearm budget is insufficent for most of them.

    However, in the Russian military catagory, they are all fairly inexpensive, and I own each of the ones you mentioned. If I could only have one, no doubt it would be the Tokarev. They are really neat, reliable guns. The nice thing about a Tok, such as a TTC is that you can change a barrel and shoot either 9mm or 7.62 x 25. The mags work just fine, and changing barrels is no more complicated than field stripping for cleaning. Barrels of either caliber are somewhat difficult to find today, and I got my 9mm barrel before x25 dried up, but with a little patience you can find one and end up with two handguns for the price of one.

    If you like shooting the 1911, you will find the Tokarev familiar.