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    my uncle today told me that his father brought a german mauser hunting rifle home that he found in a sporting good store that had been shot to hell in ww2 he told me the caliber is 8x60 magnum, can anyone point me toward some info on it? i dont even know what the gun looks like? that and id like to get some ammo for it, would cheaper than have any?
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    I think they made the mauser in a few different sizes.
    The calibre should be stamped somewhere on the gun, more specifically the barrel.

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    The "standard" 8mm Mauser is 7.92x57, however, there is an earlier 8x60, and an 8x60 S. What he HEARD as 8x60 Magnum MAY have been 8x60 Mauser. However, unless there are caliber markings ON the gun (now required by importers, but was not always so) uncle REALLY needs a smith to check it for the right caliber.

    8x60 Mauser is scarce, but CAN be found- Prvi Partisan still loads it. But not an 8x60 Magnum.
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    Apparently, the 8x60 was developed as a means to allow the German hunters to own rifles in the 8mm caliber. After WWI, the people of Germany were not allowed to own rifles chambered for a military cartridge. Rechambering these rifles to 8x60 allowed them to keep their rifles. There was what was designated as a Magnum (or Magnum-Bombe)loading but the cartridge was the same. With a 187 grain bullet at nearly 2900 fps, it was no slouch. GD
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    It looks like has some links on where to get some.

    But I think it may be a great opportunity to reload a un-popular caliber.

    I would agree with C3, might be a good idea to take it to a gunsmith for proper caliber, and maybe a once over......I guess the term "shot to hell" would make me want to get something checked out.
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    A gunsmith can make a chamber casting with Cerrosafe. This is not very expensive and will give you a good idea what the ammo actually is supposed to be. That gunsmith can also tell you whether it is still serviceable and safe.
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    alright thanks for all the info!