My Trip to Staten Island for Hurricane Relief

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    Well I just returned home today from Staten Island to do some volunteer work for hurricane sandy disaster relief.
    It as very surreal, like something you see only in movies. There was boats siting in people's yards, houses ripped off of There foundations and completely moved, Every home has a yellow sticker on the door stating "restricted use" because of the the excessive water damage and mold growing everywhere.
    It was literally like a war zone, and not something that really clicks as reality until you see it with your own two eyes.
    But as you drive around…
    you pass a tents on street corners giving away free clothes to those who have none, at the local gymnasium the retires police and fire department personnel are cooking fresh food on the grill.
    Next door at the community presentation hall, tents are set up where you can find doctors and nurses, canned food, tools , water, and a place to rest.
    Everywhere you look there are volunteers working together to help one another, pulling together recourses, and man power to get the job done. Not for money, recognition, or prize. Just to do the right thing for their fellow human being. It was an awesome thing to see.
    There's still a ton of work to be done down there and the recovery process is slow. I plan on returning as soon as I can to lend hand.

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